Discover the Dino Soil Difference

Discover the Dino Soil Difference

I am so very excited and proud to announce we have partnered with twisted tree nursery to sell a special collaboration blend of their Dino Soil.

This is hands down the best substrate for growing mushrooms,

side by side comparison to other substrates on the market has shown an increase in yields and flushes per run.

The DinoSoil Difference

DinoSoil follows an age old coco coir / vermiculite / gypsum recipe twisted with the benefit of local organic earth worm castings and sulcata tortoise dung, creating a reliable and unique mushroom growing medium suited for a wide range of species.

We take pride in our customer service and offer very quick and affordable shipping speeds and rates. Don’t wait weeks for substrate!

Ingredients: Coir, Vermiculite, Gypsum, Craft Coffee, Local Organic Earthworm Castings, Sulcata Tortoise Dung

single 10LB bags start at $34.99 plus shipping

Great Deals on Bulk!

I do not own these pictures
These are the results of Dino Soil being used in cultivation
All pictures shown were grown in Dino Soil


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