Discount programs

Whats up guys, Wanted to ask what are some good discount programs for dispensary that generates revenue, gives consumers great value and keeps loyalty.

Heres what I got. Would you please imagine an average consumer. Let’s Assume they consume 3.5g per week. Thats 14g a month.

From the consumer perspective thats 140-200 USD.

Imagine creating a loyalty program with 3 different pricing tiers and a percent discount associated with each tiers billed Monthly.

$5 per month = 10% off everything
$10 per month = 15% off everything
$20 month = 25% off everything

$5 per month = 10% off everything
14g Prices 126 - 180 USD

$10 per month = 15% off everything
14g Prices 119-170 USD

$20 month = 25% off everything
14g Prices 112 - 160 USD

After writing this and doing the math, I dont think its worth it.
The upside is, Im getting a nice source of passive income. on the flip side im giving up so much of my profits away.

Ill like to know your thoughts.

You can make a seperate company do the rewards system and have that company pay full price to your company so u can deduct your discounts


I dont understand. Mind giving me an example?

Have you considered a frequent buyer card. Let’s use the Costco rebate model. At the end of the year, you add up the total purchase a customer has generated. You give the customer a 1/2% rebate. The rebate is good for purchase of goods for the next time they stop by to buy something.

Discounts or rebate are always good to entice customers to stay. However, I thing creating a experience would compel consumers to stay and help advertise for you. Things to enhance the experience,

  1. Quarterly social / networking hours for consumers - free lunch / bbq, hike together, community 5K fun run ( funds generated to be donated to local charityt)

  2. Monthly newslettter: Keep your customer based engaged. Help educate, inform and entertain with your monthly newsletter

  3. Community service programs: Cook lunch for the homeless as a contribution from your company, help clean up a local park…etc.

Take a look at your consumer demographics, what are the demographic makeup - age, gender, profession…etc. I think the data will help you tailor programs that will fit your customer based much better.

Have you tried putting out a community survey? Ask the community what they like, what activities would help to enhance the community experience.


As far as the community goes

I use a plug-in on my site called daily karma, automatically donates a % to a local charity every time someone makes a purchase.

Also we do a holiday canned food drive with about a dozen shops that carry my brand, every item donated the customer gets a ticket and a chance to win a 10,000mg product. Been doing it for a few years now usually get a good amount of food items

Unsure of the ROI on these, some people probably appreciate it