Discharge pump manufacturers

We are interested in anyones experiences or recommendations for WFE discharge pumps. We were planning on buying 2 of the beaker & wrench models, but with the current controversy I’m not sure we want to take that route, according to their website it would have been approx. $14k for two. Currently I have a quote from CTS for $31k for two so I’m hoping to find something closer to the B&W price.

Try danfoss
all german pump builders
Used in industrial shortpath setups


Anyone have experience with liquiflo? I’m in the market for gear pumps myself and was taking a look at their 2-series and 4-series pumps.

I’ve been to labs where they used them exclusively and they seemed happy with them.

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If it really has to work with an expensive product, my experience goes with the MAAG carved from billet pieces of art.
It is false economy to be fighting with a pump on the midnight shift while your process is down and product is on the floor.
Just get a grip on your chair when you open the quote…
MAAG Gear Pumps