Difference between rosin and "oil"

Is cryo crude oil with solvents removed the equivalent of rosin (just made with solvents vs solventless)?

Crude oils made with hydrocarbons, CO2 or ethanol seem to be “crude” because they still have solvent in it, have more fats, waxes and lipids and possibly chlorophyll.

Rosin can be winterized so it should have a small amount of fats, waxes and lipids, but shouldn’t have any chlorophyll since it’s only dealing with the trichomes, and doesn’t need solvent removal because it’s solventless.

If a crude oil was winterized (or extracted under cryo for ethanol), filtered (to remove chlorophyl), and the solvent removed, would that be equivalent to a winterized rosin made with solvents?

so you want to compare squished trichomes that you’ve then extracted with cold ethanol (winterized) with extract made with cold ethanol? or Butane, then ethanol? Or CO2 then ethanol?

and you want to know what?
will there be differences?
will there be similarities?

are they the same product?!?

yes, there will be differences.
they probably won’t be huge differences.
you should be able to achieve similar products.

are they the same product? no
can they be considered equivalent? if you need to (lumper vs splitter).

the widest profile will be the ethanol extract that was not first extracted in another manner.

if done cold enough (dry ice temps) doing your primary extraction with ethanol on flower seems like a waaay shorter route than collecting trichomes, drying them, squishing them, then extracting with ethanol and getting it cold to drop the bits you don’t want. I’ll give you the collecting kief from fresh frozen flower will give a different product than extracting dry cured flower.


Thanks! There are so many different terms for concentrates out there that I guess I lost sight of what an extract is.

For the most part, I see crude oils being refined into distillate for vape carts and solventless concentrates such as rosin or resin used for dabs.

Seems like they can be similar end products, but one is a lot cheaper and easier to make.

Is fresh frozen flower different only because of more terps, or is there something else in the product since it’s fresh?