Diatomaceous earth and activated carbon.

Hey fellas,
So I have a bag of diatomaceous earth and activated carbon. I have had them from before the CRC tek and was just reading through that. I see there are better ways of colour remediation now, but I was wondering if I could still use these two items to not be wasteful.
Either just those two powders or having to add another would be fine I am all ears. For either butane or ethynol extraction, new and old biomass colour cleanup.
Also would one be able to do this in a buchner funnel? I have a 1000ml buchner to do some tests with, and then much larger ones as well.
Thanks in advance!

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Replace carbon with b80


Hello Slerlic, yes we can help with this. Since you have the Buchner funnel, what I would recommend is to use a filter paper (mid range, we have it) and lay it down in the funnel (how many inches in diameter is your funnel?), and then evenly spread your loose DE/carbon combo product over the top of the paper. You cold also add a depth media filter disc under the paper for better filtration (to catch the loose carbon/DE) and to prevent bypass. Then wet out the combo media first with clean solvent and pull your vacuum from there. We have the better method of color remediation you mention in your inquiry. We would very much like to work with you, just email or call us and we can guide you on those products. Thanks, Greg gregh@heyesfilters.com 310-212-7777

Not worried about conversion with b80?

Not with butane unless hes planning to distill it

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Does b80 cause d8 isomerizarion when distilled.

Bleaching clay causes all sorts of conversions If it makes it into your flask. Which because it’s incredibly small granular size, it very may do.


B80 works just as well as carbon with ethanol color remediation? From where I’ve looked b80 has been pricy compared to carbon, or am i just looking in the wrong place?

Its 150 for a 50# bag on ebay I think that’s pretty cheap and it’s mostly the shipping that’s costly. The local store sells the bag here for 75. If you can get through all the loops and set up an account with oil dri they sell the bags even cheaper but you have to buy 50 bags at a time.


Whats store carries it local?