Diaphragm Pump for Cold Applications

Hello everyone,

I am putting together a filtration system that can handle 4-5 GPM. My current issue is finding a diaphragm pump that can handle low temperatures. I’d like to remove the plant particles at a low temperature as to avoid pulling more fats/waxes.

I need it to handle -40C (or close to it), particles up to 4mm (or close to it), and handle ethanol/heptane. I need to do a few gallons a minute and so I figured shooting for something that can handle more (10GPM maybe?) would be the wise choice.

Any recommendations?


what about useing positive pressure in the headspace of a tank? It would certainly push the liquid through your filters. No moving parts, no sparks!

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-ve pressure (vacuum pump) is another alternative. N2 tanks are finite. Vac pumps less so

A gas tank will empty if your minion forgets it. A vac pump should be ready to go again, assuming you set things up to fail appropriately.

yeah, that last 1000 psi is a doozy! You think compressed air would be too volitile with the etoh?

I wouldn’t use air on top of ethanol to push with. More to mollify the fire marshal than because I think it’s a problem with chilled ethanol.

Edit: get it above 20C, and that’s another matter…

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Not really, but I’d be concerned about the ethanol pulling moisture and other crap out of compressed air unless you have a REALLY clean and dry air source, and IMO most places don’t


Look into line driers we used in the auto paint business. We couldnt/you cant have any moisture in a autoshow/preproduction/ concept car at all, or any paint job for that matter.

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