Diamonds help needed

Can someone give me a step by step process to make diamonds I’ve tried several times with no results most recent time I used 3 oz of sour diesel loaded it into my glass tube blasted with butane had a good amount in the jar then after 2 hours and a couple burps there is bacially nothing left in the jar plz help


2 threads. Same answer. Lol. This place is hilarious!


I don’t have all that equipment just a glass tube I blast butane through

Read through that thread. There’s guys with your setup having success and sharing their procedure in there. I personally have no experience myself, but following that thread for the last month for curiosity sake leads me to believe you’ll find everything you need in there. If you want to try and save some time (I know it’s an enormous thread) use the search bar. It can help narrow down posts within that thread or other threads that may be helpful to your specific needs.


Ktense I’ll give you a quick run down on how I grew crystals open blasting. My material column has a sleeve around it so I can coOl it down with dry ice and alcohol. Once my tube is packed and the iso and dry ice is added. I let it sit for 30-45 while it drops down in temp. I then run 70/30 n-tane and pane. And collect in Pyrex dish. I take another Pyrex dish fill with some dry ice and iso and then I take the Pyrex dish I blasted into put a lid on it and set In the bath. After 1-2 hours I’ll pour the solution through a coffee filter into a new Pyrex dish. At this time you can set it back in the dry ice and see if any more lipids precipitate out of the solution. Once satisfied with your dewaxing pour the solution into a mason jar. I use the 8 ounce jar since it was a trial run and small amount. While the solution is boiling off I put the mason jar lid over the top so the gas can burp out but not let anything in. Once the solution is boiled off to the desire level I cap it and through it in the fridge. Reason being is butane is a liquid at 0 Celsius I watch the jar in the fridge if it pops up I burp it and I take advantage of the cold to slow the boiling so I can cap it just right. The coldness gives you more time before the cap blows out

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U realize doing this ur dropping thca out w the fats right…they look like white bolbs if at the right saturation when u do cryo…

No shit that’s like step 3 or so in making diamonds…PreCrash ur thcA to the bottom w a cold dry ice bath

If looks anything like this u messing up homie! Trying to look out bro we here to help

U’ll get much larger formations if u stop taking this out…ur material column will keep a ton fats out…

I ran closed column w sleeve for yrs! And learn to make diamonds on it too!
Freeze that solvent w dry ice to about -35f…any colder u can’t get it to go in as ur column must be colder than the solvent …