'Diamonds' from cured cannabis flower (not fresh frozen)

Hey all! I need some assistance in developing a standard for extracting ‘cured’ biomass and inducing nucleation/crystalization, efficiently. Eg, aiming for most of the THC-a to form crystalline.

Have done it numerous times already with fresh frozen. But I am not sure if it will crash as easy with stuff not as terpy. Will it jusy require more time/solvent?


My guess is that your yield of thca will be lower due to it decarbing with time or many other factors the way it was stored etc. But other then that i dont see a problem with the same tek

Obviously limited by availanle THC-a in the biomass…? I kinda had that known already lol. Just tryna crash as much as possible from the terp sauce.

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Make sure you crash as cold as ypi can and keep your temp maintained?

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It’ll work fine , don’t do anything different!



Like Stone said, just do the same steps as you normally would and it’ll work out great. 90% of my diamonds are from cured material.