Diamond yield

Average yield fresh frozen made into diamonds

If you search your question I’m sure you can find your answer. I’ve never done it but I’ve searched it before and I think I seen it was 5-7gs a oz


Lots of variables involved.
So that 70 to 80% lose to give you a dry wieght.
Then your ave dry return is 10 to 20%
Out of that depending on you potency you will get 60 to 75% of that.
Hope that helps.
454×.25= 113.5
17.925× .7=11.9175

So about 12
Lots of things to consider. Thus is just a guesstimate


From what ive noticed. Take the average yield per oz you would get if making into slabs. Example if you ran 1oz of bud and yielded 6 grams of oil. Should get over 50% return of that 6 into diamonds. So if ya ran 8oz, rough yield would be about 24 grams of diamonds in the end.

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