Diamond miner

Has anybody use bvv diamond miner V2 and if so would you recommend it

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No. And no.

Hit up @Killa12345 for a miner. Probably better quality, too.


Nah, should definitely pay for this one…


Seriously? How can they charge that much & also sell these things?!?


It’s the V2 bro. Advanced technology right there. (Ok, how do I italicize this?)


just ask… :wink:

would it be too soon to point out that even though

some folks have trouble seeing what’s going on in there?

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for $180 you get high pressure clamps

for $1200 you get low pressure, single pin clamps.

given the expected pressures, which one is more appropriate?


New to Diamond Miners in General. Have been using Mason Jars, burping them once, and then letting them sit at room temp.

I have a miner and plan to leave my Fresh Frozen extract as “Liquidy” or butane saturated as I can. Ill cap my Vessel and vent it a few times today. Ill leave it at room temp and Burp it every day down to around 10 or 15 PSI.

I’ve read some threads on diamonds and keep going back to that metastable zone. Just knowing a good method on getting there is what I want to work on.


Anyone have any tricks or tips when using a vessel like this? (will attach image when not in use)

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Schlieren Lines are your friend and can be used as a good indicator of saturation. Burping aggressively can help dislodge pucks and break apart larger formations. Temperature swings can help to reduce the size distribution through repeated melt and growth phases.


@GCFFiltration: that’s a whole lotta spoons….

I think this might be yours.


Honestly though ill take em! this has been a big help.


We’re here to help. If anyone else wants some spoons don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a fair amount of experience in the purification of organic compounds.

One important thing that isn’t mentioned here is the importance of starting with clean crude for the best results. Impurities not only can impart color to your crystals, but can hinder crystallization creating fewer, smaller formations. To crystallize more of your thca out of solution you need to remove those impurities.

I’m sure everyone knows where I’m going with this, but you remove them with proper operating parameters, and adequate filtration during your initial extraction process. That filtration needs to be size exclusion to prevent fines from material from continuing to extract in your solution and/or to prevent those fines from restricting your flow, and it should also include adsorbents that target the various impurities you’d like to remove.

You know where to get those adsorbents and save big while you’re doing it?

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