Diamond miner construction question.


I am looking to build a couple diamond minors. I am going to use triclamp sights and such. But I’m wonder how big I should make them. I’m looking at 8inch and 6inch sights. Ideally I would like to fit a couple pounds of starting product weight in each one but I’m not sure if making it to big cause problems like crystallization taking forever.

Any tips on building it advice on the process are much appreciated


Hit up @Killa12345
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I’ll shoot him a message thanks


I have a 6inch diamond miner from best value vacs but the sight glass is 1.5 inch on the lid on top of a 6inch splatter patter. They haven another diamond miner it’s a 4 inch splatter patter with the sight glass sitting on top of splatter patter is 4 inches. But talked to them on the phone said the 6 inch is wider so it allows pressure to build faster. I’m using it for my first time rn I only used an ounce of dried platinum cookies an poured it from the closed loop splatter patter into there closed it set it in the fridge for 2 days then I set it in my vaccum chamber with heating pad set to 88 degrees cause I read were u want it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit but seen it build up to 2 psi an it’s still at 2psi supposed to burp it tomorrow. Looks like it’s in nucleation form might be diamonds already don’t wanna really look st it but I ended up bumpin the heat up to 98 since it’s in the heavy ass diamond miner in the chamber. I’ll let u
know how it goes. I might call best value an see if I could get a 6 inch heating pad for my diamond miner since I found out the heating pads have refrigerant modes to do it can get cold which is pretty badass