Diamond miner and vacuum oven

I have a 6 by 6 Diamond miner with welded base high-pressure clamps no high pressure release valve when I put it in the oven should I put it under vacuum or just continue bumping the temperature like you would with mason jars first time using the minor has not ben under vac yet just ben slowlyincreasingthe temperature.

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How are you imagining this might work?

You’ve got the valve shut…

Does your shiny new miner leak?

So what exactly would putting it under vacuum achieve?!?


Vacuum would insulate the sides from heat.
Should let that vacuum go


The valve is shut and no It doesn’t leak. The theory was putting it under vaccum would cause a greater diffrence in pressure vs the atmospheric pressure. I know if you do this with a sealed jar the lid fails beacuse the few psi your lid can handle is greatly increased when you take the atmospheric pressure off it by putting it under vac. My theory was could this possibly make faster bigger diamonds.

The diamonds don’t know the pressure gradient outside of the vessel if it is sealed. The diamonds only feel the interior pressure and the temperature (that it is able to feel).