Diamond carts mixed with distillate and terps

Im plaaning on making some carts that are 10% micro diamonds and 5-8% terps with the rest being disty. Im assuming someone on here has tried something like this before. Any tips? I was probably going to decarb the diamonds at about 150 farenheit for an hour before mixing in the disty and terps. Any help is appreciated especially if one of you could save me from messing this up


Waste of diamonds, will sit at bottom of cart And clog inlet. This happens naturally when people use hte that isn’t decarbed and high in thca


Decarb = problem solved, then add terps?


Sure but then why even use diamonds in the first place in the distillate. The idea of diamond carts in my opinion is using thc that is decarbed but has never been distilled, and flavoring using the natural cannabis flavor to formulate the liquid diamond juice. That same diamond dust can probably fetch more as a stand alone product than in carts.


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But why do that it’s waste of diamond sugae


I have an excess of diamonds laying around and i just wanted to do something different with them as opposed to dabbing them out of a rig. Just a lil experiment

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Then melt the diamond decarbed add hte

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It’s about being honest with what made the product.

People want diamond carts. Melted diamonds would be that. Versus just mixing hte with distillate.

Purity maybe? Marketing and being honest is all I can think


I meant to right done not disty my bad

I don’t understand why one would do this. I mean decarbing the diamonds would just be the same thing as distillate. Also if not fully decarbed they could sugar up in your cart. Kind of like hte that’s not fully crashed.

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Decarbed diamond may test out for d9 but taste cleaner in a live resin pen imo than disty w the same hte


I don’t know man. In my experience disty has a neutral taste to it if you make it correctly. Diamonds by themselves taste kind of like plastic or something.


Not by themselves w hte…maybe it’s the disty i get almost drowns the flavor

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At a low percentage like 10% THCa you’re not going to encounter any real issues as far as “crashing out” is concerned. Such a low concentration of THCa will have a very hard time crystallizing in such a viscous, unsaturated mixture of Delta-9. Most “sauce” carts and live resin at the dispensaries will have like 9-12% THCa lately. You will see a faint glistening in the oil but it all melts down during regular use. High THCa content would clog/encrust the glass with crystals.

As far as this yielding any difference in effects versus a fully decarboxylated oil, that would be subjective. There is a portion of the legal market that specifically seeks out oil that still contains some THCa. This would make sense in the case of HTE/sauce/ live resin carts where decarbing comes at the expense of terpene retention. As for just combining unterped diamonds and distillate, then yeah I’m not sure I see the appeal. I see people’s arguments for it but why use unterped diamonds at that point


After the crystals are properly decarbed there not turning back

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Did a lot of trials with this. Here’s what happened. Distillate acts as solvent for thcA, especially when the diamonds need to be milled small enough to get into the cart. You also need to warm the disti to get it mobile enough to get it into the cart, this further increases the likelihood of it dissolving the dimes. Non polar Terps will do the same.
IF you are de-carbing diamonds to get your disti then you have a choice of doing it high heat x less time VS low heat x longer time. Both ways will produce an output that is repeatable. We’ve gotten distillate output containing different quantities of D9, ThcA, and CBN based on the time/temp we’ve run.
You can easily get a disti that has zero thcA that you can see but it will be dissolved in the mixture and be very hard with zero flow at room temp. My point being you will need to add more sauce, terps or whatever to get that type of disti to flow correctly in a cart by lowering its viscosity.
Back to when we jammed diamonds into a cart…it ends up just looking cloudy.

Haven’t tried this yet but if there was a polar carrier or terp with a boiling or vape temp higher than that of the melting/decarb temp of thcA then you may be able to get that crystals in water look…but then you’d have to consider the refractive index of the glassy diamonds with whatever they are suspended in. (think glass in mineral oil…the glass disappears)

When it comes to potency, (up here in Canada anyway. The reg’s make us list total THC on products. So, IF you had a product containing 100% thcA then this would equate to total THC as 87.7% or 877mg per gram of diamond etc.

Next step, (hey all you vape cart hardware guys out there) I think it’s more of a hardware solution to achieve dimes working in a cart.
What I propose is a 510 cart that you can load with some correctly sized sparkly 98%+ thcA diamonds. When you pull on it, the chimney instantly heats up to the melting decarb’ing point of thcA causing it to melt/decarb and flow into the element, it vaporizes upon contact. Nice thing bout this is if the diamond is pure enough 98%+ it exhibits NO smell. We can market it as a no smell no taste vape.
Perfect for driving, hitting in class, or so the wife doesn’t know your high…just kidding :man_facepalming:.

don’t know if this post is still active, but i tend to run into issues with shatter, being the viscosity is too high, i’m not sure if it’s the same with diamonds, but i’ve been using d9 and diamonds have somehow become cheaper on the market. I don’t have easy access to sauce or low viscosity extracts that haven’t been tarnished with botanical terpenes, yet i want to still cut costs with diamonds. does anybody have like a CBDn cut or a distillate cut to go by as a rule of thumb to avoid drying out the wick, or waiting all day for the oil to drop? using plastic disposables so a lighter really isn’t an option.