Dewaxing questions

Hey been running 70/30 butane/propane closed loop system. Using etoh dry ice columns to prechill solvent in to non jacketed 6 inch tubes with no separate dewax. Was wondering if people think the chilled material column or inline dewax is really necessary if your solvent is cool enough to start? I know more cold is always better but weighing the benefits of bringing in that much more dry ice ya know.Also what are people doing for soak times? I’ve been doing 10 to 20 mins and getting good color pull and snap shatter.

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If you want to know how much “wax” is in your “oil”, winterize a sample.

Now go colder and try again

Or soak longer & try again.


Yeah what he’s saying is no matter if you think you didn’t get any…YOU DID!!!

Even w dewax column, your not fully dewaxing… Inline I’m pretty sure gets it…
Winterization another way but I never do it…

My dewaxing column+blast fast and cold to minimize pick up…

U think it taste good now!!!


While stalling in an inline dewaxing column, does coagulation happen better with low pressure or high pressure?

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