Dewaxing column w/ Nitrogen

Is it ok to chill dewaxing column with nitrogen gas in it or does nitrogen need to be purged off before Dewax process begins. Using the Buchner vessel from OSS.

You’ll be fine

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been wondering how that buchner vessel works, there aren’t any pictures of the inside assembly. Does it simply use a filter stack inside, and then vac assist to pull it through?

It is basically secondary vessel with filters. There is a sleeve, or jacket usually used to cool the vessel. Usually vacuum or postiive pressure is used to move the fluid.


That’s what I was thinking, thanks for clearing it up for me. Are there any benefits to using something like that over just passing everything through a filter stack?

If your extractor uses cryo solvent and has a filter stack I would say the secondary vessel is unnessasry.


What filter stacks are recomended?

I like the plate disk style.

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Ok. Awesome. Thanks. Do you run filter paper on them as well? If so what size?? How many?

I’ve seen two types of rack mounted dewaxing systems lately. Those that have a separate dewaxing column, and those with material in the same column using closed jacketed columns attached to chillers (dewaxing in the same column) I’ve been told the jacketed material column style of dewaxing is just as effective as the separate secondary dewaxing column. Do you think this is true? Trying to figure out which to lean towards.

I like the chilled material column/solvent tank type. I don’t think it is 100% as good as a Bucher vessel, but about 80%. The flow rate and overall speed of the system is faster with chilled column, filtration tends to clog less also.

This is an old facility pic of the type of systems we use.
The back side of each extraction booth has a garage door. Easy to move tanks in/ out of the building, also makes fire fighting easier (god forbid )


That’s what I would imagine. I need to do a lot in as short a time as possible and the separate column option seems much slower due to stalling in the secondary column. From what I’m told your preferred method is more of a quick wash bypassing the unneccessarries and taking the essentials with it? Also do you know if there is any noticeable difference between the two methods in a shatter consistency? Or do they both come out nice and transparent like glass?

Side by side, same material. Cold vs warm


The one in the pic is starting to sugar, if you have good material and a lot of terpines it is not gonna shatter till the majority of the terps off gas


Wanna run this by you. I run a big frankenstein machine I built myself. 8 4x48 tubes non jacketed on a rack dumping into a collection base with a pour spigot. NOTHING I use is chilled, except my recovery heat exchanger.

With how high of production I need to get thru I can’t use jacketed tubes.

What do you think of doing my 8-12 tubes a day, dump it into a large jacketed pot and let it chill overnight and then buchner it out the next day?

Are you reffering to filtering butaine? Thats a no-no unless you can do it inside your machine with a buchner vessel or something.

Yes butane. I wouldn’t be dumping my solution into a buchner at atmosphere, I’m just trying to basically make a giant buchner I guess. I don’t want to have to do it for every run, just at the end of the day.

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I know someone that does this exact method and it works very well. The Büchner is a jacketed stainless one like one that usalab and bVV sells.

The first time I heard this I thought it was genius. It’s certainly possible and I know of at least 1
Person doing something like this.

Are you able to get a photo or any information? Im just not sure how to transfer it thru the filters when Im done chilling it.

I’ve asked in the past to no photos. But from my understanding it’s a closed Büchner funnel with lid and base

This is something similar to what he was using. I’m sure you can vac assist it or nitro push it.

Oh. And I wouldn’t try to dewax it overnight like that with butane. I’d imagine after a few hours your going to start precipitating thca which might get caught in the filters depending how much is in the solvent.

I wouldn’t dewax anymore than 2-3 hours in cold butane.