Detection of Remediating Media

I have been doing some light research through google this weekend on an affordable and simple method of detecting remediating media, such as silica, bentonite, activated carbon, etc., through the use of a cheap UV light. I am sure that there would be an indicating color difference if any were present in a concentrate post-remediation. Has anyone tried this method before? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how they are testing their concentrates post remediating for the presence of media making its way through filter sets.

It is possible I am using the wrong search terms as well or over complicating this attempt to find a quick and simple solution to determining any presence of media post process.
Maybe this has been posted as well, my apologies to any if it has. Thank you for the time in helping.

I would also love to find a way to test for different medias.

I have a few unlabeled containers at my lab that contain different medias and I have no way of knowing what is in them.

Anyone have any ideas how or where I can have them identified? I know one of the containers is c18 but I cant confirm which one and the other two are completely unknown.

you can test the pH, that may help with identification if they have known different pH values. or pack a small column and use some disty with thc and cbd and see which elutes first using polar and nonpolar solvents, then you would be able to tell which was reverse phase.


Thanks my plan was to make a small column but i totally over looked testing for pH.

Is there any place you can send for a guaranteed analysis?

Spend $200 on a microscope.


@TheGratefulPhil already on the microscope pathway, I was hoping someone might have tried the UV spec already under microscope to determine the presence or non-presence of the media. Something simple but effective. I am running each media sample under different types of bulbs to get a baseline of what it would look like, or if there is any resounding data top correlate the passing of media through filter into finished form factor. Thank you all for the replies.