Denatured vs non denatured ethanol for extraction

As far as I know, denatured ethanol has added ingredients to make it poisonous to drink. The price difference however is huge.

25L of non denatured, decent quality, food grade 98% ethanol is £250 + about £700 for duty. In the UK there is a £28.74/lpa(liter pure alcohol) fee on top of the cost. I think its $27 per gallon in the states?

So I’m wondering if the chemicals added to the denatured ethanol will have a negative effect on the extract or even make the extract unsafe? Will there be residual contaminants in the end distillate?

And what about Isopropyl alcohol ?

There are many denatured recipes out there some you can work with some you can t
Deneturered ethanol with 5% methanol
Ready to rock
Denatured ethanol with 1% bitrex
Evaporate all ethanol bitrex stays behind
And ethanol is good to go
All other denutrants are a problem
Some can be taken care of with brine washing but this must be tested first
I know of one denuturant that can be taken care of with x13 molecular sieves
But I forgot wich one that is
So I guess pick one and figure a way to get rid of it
If you send me a list of denuturants you have to get rid of I will look into possibility s but remember they are made to be difficult to separate
Find yourself some polish guy s they often have great home brew alcohol at decent prices 10€ a liter in the Netherlands
Or get some turbo yeast and make your own


95% ethanol runs about $75 a gal at my local liquor store in Oregon.
95% is not available in all states.

the idea behind denaturing ethanol, is to make it undrinkable, and as hard to remediate as possible. from that stand-point bitrex sounds like a fail :wink:

if you make your own ethanol, you’re also ahead of the game when it comes to getting it back off your product after extraction.

you will get rid of the ethanol and the denaturated when you remove terpenes

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I have food safe denatured alcohol if anyone wants. Just need to evap completely.

I consider your answer in valid when certain denuturants are used
And defiantly if bitrex has been added
Bitrex is not a denaturant but a additive for a bitter tast but has no boiling point
It will stay in the oil after the terps have been removed
Not sure how it will work on a spd
But might be disastrous if it had a other than neutral ph

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Isn’t the alcohol not considered “food safe” with the addition of a denaturant?

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Alcohol is beeing denatured to NOT
Make it food safe
This has all to do with the taxes that apply on food safe ethanol (booze)

Even thou some denaturants can be consumed by humans without great danger such as bitrex
It is so bitter that you will not want to consume it
Most are plain and simple dangerous for human consumption
Anti freeze glycol
Iso. Propyl
Are some of rhe comon denatursants


If I have denatured ethanol with n-heptane can this be used to process biomass? I’m getting a bitter taste from the shatter that wasn’t present before so I’m assuming that it’s the n-heptane. Is there anything I can do about it to get it out of there?