Delta8 looking to purchase a min of 100ml

Looking for a minimum amount of 100ml of delta8 distillate. This will be a reoccurring purchase of delta8. MUST BE HEMP DERIVED. If you have COAs please send them along with price. I also have DISTILLATE that a chemist claims to have a minimum amount of 30% DELTA10 the remaining % is 53% delta8, 1% cbn , and 0.3% cbd. IF if any would like a sample sent to look at let me know.

Could you post the COA with the D10? Curious.

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What lab actually has D10 reference samples?

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Started a thread just for this and D8-THCV. Looks like someone in California can do D10, and I have a lead on another.

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Here are the COAs, I’m not sure at what point in the process was the test taken

Thanks for posting it @Henry909

You should ask them if they can provide the chromatagraph from the testing done. We could identify the peak from it.

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Do you have a coa that shows D10?

I think @AlexSiegel has a d10 standard if I’m not mistaken

In fact, a proper certified standard would not be necessary.
A concentrate or an isolate (with characterized D10 inside) would be sufficient to be able to spot d10.
Using FID, The quantification should work the same as for D8, D9, and most of the other cannabinoids.


Consider getting verified before trying to slang d8 here please :call_me_hand:

Fucking 3K a liter!!! You have got to be smoking some shit, and it ain’t weed…


and my post was flagged cursing is not appropriate in any forum don’t be rude man. Have you even tried it. Try using a product b4 being rude… for real!

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You’re not a verified “hemp slanger” and your account has 23min of read time, chill out , d8 is like $600/L.

And cursing is allowed here, for fucks sake. We’re pirates.

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I currently have 3 liters left.
$1,000 per Liter
$900 if you take them all.
And yes it does have some D9 in it.
Thank you.


CHS-ECC-D8 (7) clear - Potency.pdf (168.3 KB)

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