Delta Seperations FFE-60 falling film evaporator. SOLD!

Item Model/Manufacturer: Delta Seperations FFE-60
Description: Falling film separator Evaporator only or turnkey set up
Price/MSRP: Evaporator 75k. turn key 150K retail on turn key 240k
Current location of item: Salt Lake City Utah
Estimated lead time: Days 10
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: no

Good operating condition Delta FFE-60 clean up to 60 Liters an hour of ethanol.
Solvent recovery. extraction use.
System only: evaporator ,condensers , collection kegs (qty)5

Turn key: evaporator, condensers, kegs, G&d Chiller, Mokon Heater, Poly scence chiller.
Requires 3 Phase 240 V

Not Pictured Mokon and poly science

This has been sold