Delta 8 THC will be banned in November

I’ve got some news that Delta 8 THC will be banned in November. Did anyone hear about this news?

FDA Issues Warning Letters to Companies Illegally Selling CBD and Delta-8 THC Products

The FDA issued warning letters to:

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  • Shocked. I haven’t heard the news yet

It just looks like they don’t want companies making medical claims about delta 8. That seems reasonable to me.


Where did you hear that? Who is banning it? How are they doing it?

No new info in any of the articles you posted that have already been posted numerous times before.


warning letters are ONLY issued for making medical claims



They’ll never take me hotdog water aliiive


Same thing with all those hemp groups on FB - ‘OMGOMGOMGOMG THEY’RE TAKING DELTA 8!’

No. Just wanting companies to stop telling people their handicapped child will walk again with their D8


D8 law day by day



You mean it can’t cure my baldness or ED?

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…in the same location?

No you need our CBD distillate for that! Now in easy to boof 50,000mg capsules!



I just want you to know that they banned these a while ago. Indeed they have said that ALL cannabis derived products are currently not legal to be put into food, drugs, or cosmetics - except for CBD which can be used in Epidilex only.

The rules have not changed and that FEDERAL BAN - continues to this day. The FDA has started enforcing this with warning letters (about a month ago now…) but the rules have not changed, neither have the associated statutes.

So produce products at your own risk. The DEA may say these products are fair game but the USDA has sided with the FDA on this saying you cannot legally put them into interstate commerce in the US because they are ADDITIVES that are not generally recognized as safe.


This is very false. Most warning letters are not issued for making medical claims.

Here is a cool table of the top 10 things that that the FDA does enforce against regularly 483s, warning letters, and consent decrees. Most of which involve labels and adulteration, but not many involve medical claims. Warning letters issues for making inappropriate medical claims are not even in the top ten. -shrug-

These specific warning letters mention medical claims in ONLY ONE of the citations - almost all of them have 5 or more citations, including Adulteration of Food or Veterinary products by putting illegal cannabis derived materials into them.

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For the cannabis sector, specifically, the statement that it’s mostly medical claims is completely accurate.

We’ve been watching this for years now, so it’s impossible to refute. Nearly all of the action the FDA has taken in regards to anything cannabis related is releasing warning letters to those making medical claims about cannabis products.

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*in the cannabis industry

There are 4 types of warning letters; General FDA letter (only to people subject to FDA regulation), Tobacco Warning Letters, Drug Marketing and Advertising Letters, Warning Close-out Letters (to previous recipients of FDA letters).

It seems to me only one of the 4 targets the cannabis industry, Drug Marketing and Advertising Warning Letters (and Untitled Letters to Pharmaceutical Companies), which tends to only concern marketing claims of efficacy.

Did you all even read these warning letters?

20% medical claims. 80% everything else! Adulteration, mislabeling, misbranding, not following all the other rules, etc.