Delta 8 regulatory and enforcement actions

I’ve had a ton of reddit people laugh at me, but not one of them has any accomplishments to measure their scorn against. Im ok with unsuccessful people disliking me

What’s with the reddit obsession?

Did someone from reddit hurt you?

Reddit is the reason this forum is the way it is these days


New campaign promise inbound?

i promise to remove/ban/silence all of the reddit users if elected TL4

I already promised to silence everyone, thats good enough a promise

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I’d make the argument it’s more due to the legal high crowd, but the venn diagram would just be a circle

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I was gonna say the d8 crowd. Once d8 became semi mainstream Pandora’s box opened and everyone came for a run on it. Now d8 is cheaper than CBD isolate.

The K2 crowd. Can’t have the real thing because they’re military/job is federal and testing. Everyone ready to sell anything without concern over what is being consumed. The smoke shop sales.


In 2018 this site had the most concentrated data on d8.

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Capitalism… such a beautiful thing.


Eh, placing blame on capitalism is silly. China is supplying most our imports and they’re not under capitalism. Everyone in the world shares in greed. Which is ironic. Because the greedy don’t share.

I reckon it still does. Highly doubt another forum / crawled website compares. Reddit maybe now? They’re the #1 referral to the site without a doubt. So you have a point.

D8 has been here the entire time, same with drama, threats, doxing, cart sellers, scammers, and consultants.

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Which came first lol

The d8 or the drama.

D8 and dirt dick measuring.

I had been mindlessly consuming my delta 8 until I discovered your post on r/delta8testing. So I come from Reddit and hope not to offend anyone here. But I do appreciate you for referring me to the site. I’ve learned a shit ton and appreciate the links to data you and many others have provided. The discussion on the topics is so much more informed and scientific than the shit that is peddled on Reddit



So I guess we’re only going to eat cannabis for now on? Because it’s probably the only way you’re going to consume it without potential harm. And even then you’ve got to make sure it’s actually clean material. Combusting anything and breathing it in is bad for your health. Pick your poison.


Ah yes, the consumer is always making poor choices in regard for their health. Let’s give them more to choose from, they pay me for it so who cares! It’s not our job to provide safe products to be consumed since they’re all detrimental anyway! People will always smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and dab red hot dabs, what’s the problem with giving them six different cannabinoids that just came out in the past 5 years that they’ve never heard of before seeing it in the gas station I sold it to! Consumer says, “I wanna smoke bud.” Let them smoke d8! Hhc! Thc-o-acetate! Who cares! They don’t know the difference, it has tetrahydro in the name, there’s practically no difference at all!


My response wasn’t about D8 in general, I guess I should have quoted what I was responding to. Someone was complaining about carts in general.

But yeah, you can only protect people from themselves so much. Pushing harmful products down their throats is bad business, we can all agree on that. We know that THC-O Acetate is potentially harmful now. But besides that, we don’t know what the long term effects of synthetic cannabinoids in general is.

Smoking weed in general, chronically, is bad for the mind.

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…but does it effect telomere length?

How does genetics play into that being a good vs bad thing?!?

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