Delta 8/intoxicating hemp regulatory and enforcement actions/news

Regulatory actions

SD HB1292 signed into law, prohibiting sale of delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, THC-O acetate, and hexahydrocannabinol to those under the age of twenty-one

[WA] HB 1668 - 2021-22 Expanding regulatory authority over cannabinoids that may be impairing and providing for enhanced product safety and consumer information disclosure about marijuana products.

[VA]LIS > Bill Tracking > SB591 > 2022 session(SB591 regulating THC passed in Senate, advancing to house)

KY SB170(prohibit production of intoxicating hemp-derived products) has passed the Senate and is now being sent to the House

Hemp in Massachusetts: FAQs(state of Massachusetts considers D8 to be synthetically derived/a controlled substance)

HF 3595: A bill for an act relating to health; providing for the regulation of certain products containing cannabinoids…[MN]

New Maryland SB0788 could make Delta-8-THC illegal

WEST VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE SB 666: adding the active chemicals in kratom to Schedule I substances; and adding Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol to Schedule I.

HI HB1886 - Relating To Controlled Substances.(scheduling d8 as a controlled substance)

Enforcement actions

Arrests(purely for D8)

Oakboro, NC

Clearfield County, PA - selling d8 carts/hemp flower at farmer’s market

Coweta County, GA - vape shop raided for delta 8 gummies

Clinton, SC - $5k in products seized

Port Lavaca, TX - raid, felony charges

Georgia - multiple stores raided(needs more info about charges/seizures)

11 arrested in Georgia

Texas - 2 felonies

a few misdemeanor arrests in Kentucky, I’m working through the public info to figure out more about local enforcement

14 stores raided in Bullitt County, KY

Store robber charged for drug crimes after stealing delta 8

Arrests(specifically for D9 content in D8 products)

Camden, AR

Greensboro PC affidavits/search warrants stating products contained unlawful amounts of d9 + 4 stores raided in Greensboro, NC, felony charges

Menomonee Falls, WI - Now facing 50 years

Gaffney, SC


Gwinnett County, GA military style raid on wholesaler

Ocean Beach, CA delta 8 popup - product seized under AB45

Unicorn Brands - WA rec conversion lab has 386kg of converted THC seized

Henderson, KY - 10 stores’ products seized


listed as D9, photo shows D8 - Liberty County, TX




Thanks for putting these together @pdxcanna


I gotta say, it’s at least nice to have all of the articles about D8 in one spot rather than it floating in 18975461928798342 places all over the forum. Nice idea.


I’m just glad TN has been more cool than our neighbor states. Even though TN is waiting on daddy fed to do anything about legalization, it feels like most people in the state want it, and it doesn’t feel like they are targeting weed, d8, hemp, or other bullshit.


There’s a bill to legalize and regulate d8/HHC etc

Just not regular THC, which is weird. Middle finger to the west coast? Idk


I was surprised by the Bill in Hawaii not many until recently have even tried pushing D8 or anything besides cbd outside of the dispos. Ive only seen two places that sell d8 and only one has a sign or advertises. D8 for a long time had the lowest google search results here so its definitely one of the smaller markets and surprising it even got noticed.

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Based on what I’ve seen in Oregon and Washington, a lot of people in rec states aren’t familiar at all


Looking like I should just back into the bushes slowly with delta 8 all the sudden

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Reading through these articles literally makes me feel depressed and suicidal, virtually all of them are just spouting lies and half truths about Delta 8 THC. These people literally dont understand what they are even trying to say and yet they are in charge of legal policy surrounding it.

This genuinely feels like everyone around me is clapping as we hand the keys to the power station to a 5 year old child, truly beleiving that he will do a great job running it, and everyone is just staring at me in confusion because I keep babbling about how were going to all lose power within a week.


Thanks your wotk

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Very helpful information, thx!!

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Here in Virginia, we have been hearing that Senator Emmett Hanger(R) has been deeply funded by the med folks and has completely gobbled up their instructions to decimate all cbd companies. Their flowers, tinctures , edibles all are poor quality and this was a “cya” moment. Let’s face it, why would I go to their dispos purchase some overpriced and overtaxed schwag flowers and weak ass edibles when I could go to the gas station and pick up some d8 gummies for $8 and get the same if not heavier effect? Yes, there are nasty d8 products out there, but once one find who has the best quality, one will come back and keep purchasing.

The med folks have humongous burn rates and this was the only way to stay afloat: RUINING SMALL BUSINESSES IS THEIR GAME.


This is pretty broad, just passed the AZ senate


Way too much tax money in Cannabis in AZ to let anyone have cheap hemp psychotropics… :roll_eyes:


We still need more long term research on D8 and HHC in my opinion, but outlawing it will make it worse.


The writing is on the wall folks! Get big, or get crushed. It really is sad for such a “commonwealth” state to make the wealth not so common…


You’re either common or wealthy here. These chads will die on their own swords. If its BM they want its BM they’ll get.

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That’s a way better approach than the Virginia HB591. These numb-nuts won’t even allow full spectrum crude tinctures or even topicals now. This friends is deep reefer madness.


Agreed! I wonder what kind of penalties a BM approach to competition with the Chads would be. Ideally it would be a monetary penalty as you know the state wants that $$ but if they go down the same rabbit hole of criminality that they already know, it would be even sadder to lock people up for it in a “legal” state… shakin my damn head…