Delta 8/intoxicating hemp regulatory and enforcement actions/news

Wild that they recognize that they created a $28b industry and instead of trying to tax or make any good of it at all, they just want to trash it.


They let it happen to research and grow the potential market now its iminent domain take over . Big tobacco wants all things vaped for themselves.


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3chi-motionforinjunction-order.pdf (275.2 KB)

3chi’s motion for a preliminary injunction was denied

The Georgia civil RICO had the complaint amended recently as well:
Ledbetter-AmendedComplaint.pdf (337.6 KB)

Pur ISO Labs LLC and these distillate makers know that the distillate contains an illegal amount of D9 THC by virtue of the manufacturing process. Pur ISO Labs LLC and these distillate makers and the manufacturers know that further processing such as the Pegasus process is necessary to remove the excess D9 THC from the distillate.

the pegasus process, lol


I wonder who named that process?? :rofl::joy::rofl:

I wonder if im gonna get paid? Maybe I should have patented and trademarked that name

I guess me and @kcalabs already have an award. Maybe I should make a fake certificate like half of these extractor classes?


Which must be further analyzed following an appropriate pegasus method, important. :point_up:t2:


Officials with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department say that the investigation focuses on the illicit trade of controlled substances, vaping paraphernalia, and tobacco products emanating from local “vape shops.” With over 70 establishments being investigated, this ongoing operation signals a concerted effort to uphold public safety.

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Louisiana Senate Bill 237 would prohibit consumable hemp products from containing any THC at all, eliminating hemp-derived drinks and THC gummies and snacks.
The bill passed the Senate Agriculture Committee in March and now heads to the full Senate. If signed into law, it will take effect August 1, 2024.