Delta 10

Hi everyone. Interested in seeing what labs are testing for Delta 10 (if any are). The lab I work with has 10 liters of delta 10. Thanks


We’d be happy to test it for you.

awesome. Sending you a message.

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I own several retail smoke shops in the south and up in the Midwest. I am anxiously waiting for someone to come up with good delta 10. I have heard it has the benefit of not making the person hungry and want to eat and snack. If so and has similar properties to D8 I can sell it by the truckload. Our D8 sales are thru the roof and have helped me open three new stores during this pandemic alone. I personally would be thrilled with something that does not give you the munchies. I would love to learn any more info about D10 anyone has to offer. Feel free to PM me also. Or better yet email

@jg14t Did you get tests back? We’re looking for a supplier of D10 or 6a10a. Volume will be high.

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Yes. Send me a text in the morning. Received coa 2 days ago. 561-271-8450