Delta 10 Vape Pen

Delta 10 is newly emerging. Although not as widespread as Delta 8 or Delta 9 - newer vaporizer products need to make sure they can handle new concentrates.

Since Delta 10 is extracted from the male hemp plant, it can be sold anywhere in the US! Much like Delta 8, CBD is currently legal everywhere.

Soon we will see Delta 10 marketed in more common places, but it will take time until there is enough product to be sold everywhere.

Check out our 2ml Voltage variable pen special for Delta 10

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“Since Delta 10 is extracted from the male hemp plant…”



The say anything to get a sale type.



Glad to learn more. Btw, this info was provided by the U.S local team, also the clients who purchase the Delta 10 devices.

Hmm…at least the final form looks no bad!

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ikr? its almost as if its some sort of magical mirror of sorts

This product is bullshit


Have you used it before?

D10 is not an oil. End of conversation


Hahaha let them have thier fun. hahahaha male hemp plants hahahahahahahhahaha

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I apologized if the information about D10 I received was wrong. Anyone knows how to re-edit or delete the post? Thank you.

I personally tried it with D11 (I believe the lab said the hydroxy 11)

Have you ever tried this item? It will be great if you could share the test feedback.

You mean iKrusher? They also recommended some Delta 10 products to the market.
By the way, I found you are quite active in the vape pen/hardware topic, looking forward to hearing more contents from you:)

Hm! I am happy my post “made your day” at least from your long words of “haha …”
It will be much appreciated if you could direct me how to delete or correct the post if the delta 10 info was wrong~ Keep Calm and Peace out