Dehydration of CO2 Extract

Does anyone have a larger scale method of removing water from oil after CO2 extraction? I would like to stay away from pipetting out of beakers.

you’re asking how to separate oil and water?

lord give me strength to grant this spoon, such a massive spoon, maybe one of the spooniest spoons ive seen.

separatory funnel


Separate collection vessels set at different pressures and temperatures.


That doesnt match our scale

youre going to have to offer a lot more information to actually get help

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Sorry I was not so specific. I was looking for a more automated system or piece of equipment that has the capability of removing water at larger quantities to process 10-50kg of co2 extract at a time.

im curious how youre ending up with water in your crude matrix to begin with. generally co2 extractors have at least some fractionation capability. you really shouldnt have water in your crude co2 to begin with. can we fix the problem before it starts?


I’m not sure why my comment was ignored, you’re exactly correct.


The new extraction model is supposed to have a water collection vessel. I’ve worked with the same manufacturer but an older model and I had water issues in my extracts. I am just looking to be proactive if I run into the same issue.

If your collection vessels are set properly, you can get a fraction of terpenes and water separate from the rest of the extract. If the machine doesn’t function correctly in that regard, you can distill the water out via spd or a rotovap.


Probably not what you are looking for considering you are running CO2 but dissolve the oil in heavy alkane (hep or hex), separate the water using a reactor or similar large vessel, then LLE over to methanol for winterization. It’ll leave you a very pretty oil at the very least.

Whats wrong with sending your product thru a column of 3a mol sieve beads?