Degumming with constraints

I work in a medical lab in a state that has some pretty strict regulations in regards to chemicals that we can use. For example,we can only do supercritical co2 extractions and ethanol extractions, we aren’t allowed to use butane/pentane/hexane or any other hydrocarbons.
We are trying to get the best possible starting material for high THC distillate, and so far have been doing cold ethanol washes (< -50C), only allowing about 2 minutes of soak time, then doing a carbon scrub in warm ethanol before filtering through diatamacious earth. We are looking into adding a bleaching clay scrub in as well soon.
When it comes to degumming, I am unsure if we have any valid options, since we can’t use many hydrocarbons it seems we can’t degum our product, unless there is a way to do it without?
Thanks for any input