Degradation of THC after harvesting

Hello guys, as I mention before I am growing in Europe some CBD flowers. My goal is to make those flowers fully legal in my country where is legal to have Total THC under 0,3%.

In my first grow cycle which was more like a “small phoenohunt” Ive choose 3 phoenotypes, which were tested great. Than I decide to take one phoeno (3 cuts), which has the THC around 0,28%. When I was growing this batch firstly, I was thinking I am doing my best, so I was expecting those flowers will be at their top, with content of cannabinoids. So I wasnt expecting, it can have more THC, than those first few CUTs from same mother.

As I wanted to be sure, Ive changed the nutrients from minerals fertizing to organic fertizers and used lower wattage of LEDS. My expectation was that the content of both (THC, CBD) will be lower with those steps.

My grow finnished with weird results. CBD raised by 0,5% while delta9-THC raised by 0,2… THCA is same, CBN is same, so the only different is that stupid active delta9 and I really dont have anything how to explain this. I will be doing test one more time, as the results looks weird to me. But I guess the lab didnt make mistakes…
But my question is, if the new test will prove, it has new Total 0,45% is there any way, how can I change this to CBN, or some other thing I can do for those flowers to become legal? So transfer the 0,15% of THC into some other compounds.

Ive read a lot about storing, and how can bad storing and curing influence the potency, but I didnt find any exact informations like, keep flowers in 20°C for 2 weeks and you will reduce THC by 0,1%.

So please, does someone here know about some steps I could do to degradate the THC in flowers and not drasticly destroy the aroma of buds? Can I use high temps, humidity or light to reduce the THC in already harvested flowers? Thank you very much for any tips :wink:

you could try harvesting the next batch at 6 weeks rather than 8

you could also take your samples elsewhere on the branch. I’ve tested the buds from a single branch: potency on cola was above 20%, half way down was at 15%, and the lower flowers tested at 9% THC.

homogenizing a larger sample may well reveal that on average you are below the legal limit. not sure that does you any good if you’re walking down the street with a cola in your pocket…

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Ive tested cuts in 6-7-8 weeks and the Total was lowest at 8, thats why i decide to harvest in 8. But the problem right now is that Ive already harvested those flowers. And I need to reduce it now.

so what did you have tested? a single cola? or an homogenized 500g?

same day I tested the potency along that branch, I also requested samples from our three head growers (owners actually, someone else probably did most of the work).

those 3 flowers all tested in the 27% range with very little variance. they had all chosen their best work…

Ive tested a single cola, the main cola. I understand that when I send homogenized sample, - lower buds, more leafs, it will show lower THC, but I will be packing buds into packages by 1 g, so if someone will test the 1g package, and there will be that main bud with more THC, than I have a problem.

Then you have a problem…

Rumor has it folks are degrading thc in crude faster than cbd by heating it in an oven for a week or two. That won’t do your flowers any favors.

Applying your logic; cola must test below 0.3% rather than plant average, would make 90% of the “hemp” in OR non-compliant. Not saying you’re wrong to aim there, just that it’s not how acres are dealt with in the US (or at least OR)

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oven, or vac oven?

Hello, do you have any experience or exact info like what temps to use to not destroy CBD and just THC in oven? Or with vac oven is one able to “destroy” THC?

Really thank you very much for your answer. It gaves me new view on my problem.

Its true, that in case of Criminal act, growing cannabis as a drug, police guys are testing or should be testing the average of whole plant. But our law isnt ready even for growing EU hemp, so It would be daring if I would have something with more THC than 0,3. I think, they will not like to test whole batch, they will immediately arrest us.