Deggumming a crude BHO extract post inline winterization/filter

So I’m new to the whole colour remediation thing and maybe someone can point me in the right direction as to how all these nice clear BHO single solvent extracts are coming out water clear and super runny! So I have an idea that theres some obvious bleaching Clay’s used along with some other filter media however I’m fairly blind to the entire process and would love to open a discussion on the topic!
So if you have any advice or experiences that you’ve successfully used and would like to share then thatd be great!
Again I’m just curious on the entire process and had the thought that maybe by attempting to use a drumming enzyme after winterizing and filtering everything…and so then before recovery basically I would assume the extract is ran over the colour remediation filter media and I thought by maybe adding a drumming enzyme along with the extract that if it might creates a thinner runnnier clear"er" product?? Or am I way off with this one lol I’ve never heard of this so their might be a reason why hahaha plus I have no experience with either degumming or color remediation and it most like shows hahaha just trying to learn people!! Lol any advice would be greatly appreciated!!:metal::pray:

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Good discussion on the topic. Nobody wants to reiterate what was already said 100 times in that thread I posted, please read it.

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Then do this😀Only The Strong sauce tek - #780 by StoneD