Degassing crude pre-WFE passes

So, hows everyone degassing their crude, post an cold ethanol extraction??
Our crude is coming out of a raising film evaporator.

Trying to figure out a good way to do so, before I get a few labs here in CA fully built a little later this year.

Thanks all!

Weve got several 12 Liters that we will use to pull volitiles off before running the a WF. Long term solution is a continuous dynamic devolitizer post solvent recovery through the Pinnacle rising film.

Id like to offer this piece of equipment through Lab Society, we will see where it lands.

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Word from Zach is that he is 3 or so months off from releasing one himself.

Hmm… I can possibly get a few 12L’s to do just that… Do you just pull out yucky terps and residual alcohol when doing so?

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How 'bout a jacketed stainless steel reactor with a stirrer? You could modify the feed vessel on some wiped films to do this (like the larger Chemtech systems have)

Use a preheater to reach temp, and the jacket can hold it at temp. Bottom-mounted mixer seems most logical, but you could mount one up top with triclamp fittings (dependant on vessel)

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I’m curious how does one know when degassing has been achieved; solution temps and for how long?

This can also be done with inert gas instead of water.

After finishing decarboxylation, the pressure will drop significantly while a steady temperature is maintained. Likewise, with the more volatile terpenes.


Great design, although I wouldn’t use water unless it was the first step in a two step de-oderization process for larger scale ops. Im sure that bubble cap/ oldershaw reflux scrubbers would work.

The way I see it, there should be nothing volatile In the system, two passes through a wf or spd is inefficient, so why would we leave anything but the main body and tails in it. volatiles are hard on pumps and cold traps, not to mention diffusion pumps.

We just got the Pure Path WFE in from cascade. im conducting devol in our 12 liter LS wide bore, heat up to 150 at 28 microns, just before id start seeing cbd come over. Then I pump it out of the flask into the feed tank of the pure path. seeing 750ml/hr so far.

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Agreed, which is why I included the inert gas edit (probably minutes before you posted haha). Heat, surface area for evaporation, and vacuum are more than enough to do the job for terps/decarb. The reason I like the idea of steam is its potential to remove components far beyond volatile terpenes (and have spoken with 2 individuals who confirmed this with great success), and you would definitely have to do a “dry devol” like you mentioned.

Stainless steel would heat a lot faster, and you could really widen that bore. May not be a big deal for smaller operations, but a room full of 12L glass boiling flasks in a high-volume facility? That’s a headache and a half - and not a space/power efficient solution.

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Are you only doing one pass in the wfe then, I’m gettin my wfe machines outta storage and putting them back into service and trying to do the same with taking it to 160c or so. I also decarb and strip volitales in the roto upto 140. I’m a lil outta practice with the wfe they’ve been in storage for a yr or 2

This is an interim time on our scale up. Just usin what we have available. SS all the way

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Depending on the feed/dosing setup you’re using you can usually pull vacuum on your feed and rig up stirring of some kind, preferably one with a jacket. We’ve trapped terps that made it past volatile strip on a thin film in our traps running off feed tanks. Your evaporator definitely thanks you.