Definition of FSE vs. HTFSE

Have a client asking for FSE ethanol CBD oil. Now ive never paid much attention to these terms extractors are coining for different extracts. But not wanting to lead this client astray, from my understanding FSE is an oil extracted with all its helpful compounds (aka normal extraction…) but with fats lipids waxes chlorophyll etc removed. Which is done in our normal extraction process through extremely cold extraction, winterization, and carbon scrub correct?

HTSFE would be the same thing but with live material? however ive seen sauce described as HTSFE so it doesnt necessarily have to be live material just material incredibly high in terpene content?


Ok here u go the real answer

Can LIVE be a true full spectrum extract?

Is htfse the live terp fraction?

Full spectrum extracts are made from full plant dried and cured, supposed to be 1:1 ratio for the terps and oil ,like when u smoke the bud…its supposed to copy “that” exact taste and have all the properties that are good and unknown to us ,
LIVE has to many monoterps

Now why did some one not add a


Htfse just the terp fraction of the dried and cured “sauce” live terps don’t have the wig and waga dried and cured terp pour has
Hcfse the crystal fraction
Fse both the 2 combined back after processing

That’s all it is…driedand cured sauce from full plant

Now do most ppl know what they are asking for? Probably not

Plenty ppl think it’s just live sauce, the terp fraction or just crystals …
but technically no…

Last year I was playing in live sauce and the fse counterpart…i noticed same strain live had brighter colors almost red hue…large sugar bc more terps and super loud taste

Fse same plant made more yellow light color…made the flavor like that of the bud…from live skunk berry to almost dried cured chocolate sauce…

Anyways maybe u should go ask ur clients what they think it is…

But can you tell if u don’t know? Nope

Dried cures sauce was super loud smell flavor still! And they was both sugar in liquid

Btw i don’t tell ppl…its sauce or live sauce…the fse throws their mind


soooo… regular extracted oil cleaned of the bad shit is FSE then…? the terpene content would be lower then what your describing but you also said live isnt FSE… so then what exactly is the starting material for FSE (from reading this its just whole plant dried and cured and extracted…? yeah? or am i not getting it?

Whole plant dried and cured, extract cold then jar right before all butane gone…takws about 2 to 3 weeks to crash, if you don’t get it do waxed good enough you won’t have to clear sugar, butter look

Google full spectrum extract on you tube and you’ll see the consistency of stuff before jar,

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so your trying to crash it like crystaline…? to make FSE? stoping it in its buttered phase to be considered FSE? then 90% of this industry isnt selling FSE…

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You’re probably right on on all the industry doesn’t sell right things for full spectrum extract, I was always told if it don’t come with the printout and everything that shows you how each one is the same from the plant to the extract and it’s not a full spectrum extract,

As far as what you was saying if something butters on you during your crash stage, which gets where you can’t see through it and looks like butter, then you have too much plant wax in it, when it crashes you want it to turn out to clear sugar with clear golden terpenes, not a solid buttery consistency,

Regardless I think Googling and watching some YouTube videos might help you

I know it doesn’t matter what I think but I think even a live sauce should be a full spectrum extract, I took the word full spectrum as being everything that you get from the plant because you use a blended solvent but I found out I was wrong…and how each hydrocarbon gets different things from the plant

only way you’ll ever learn something is to be wrong occasionally


So I have trouble believing your breakdown, because i have several dispensaries I’ve now gone to looking around for FSE and they are all live resin FSE. This pic for example is probably one of the top 3 extract companies in all of Colorado. So are you saying they don’t get what FSE means either…?

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Dude it’s not my breakdown…i told u I thought the same till I reaserched…but that was 5 yrs ago…im sure on what they wad saying back then…

They may finally have the break down right.

I think any blended solvent dewax run is fse

It’s probably best to have a sit-down discussion with the customer to better understand the product they want, possibly bringing in a sample of a similar product for you to look at, plus a sample of their starting material. I’ve been to many states reviewing medical and recreational products for marketing research, with the intention of starting my own boutique extraction lab. My background is chemistry so I favor accurate product terminology. The problems come in with “Marketing” because you can basically call things whatever you want on a product label, as long as the test lab specs are (somewhat) accurate. I’ve seen so much marketing baloney it’s sad…

True “FSE” (full spectrum extract) is any extract that has the same terpene/cannabinoid spectrum profile (all molecules, not just T:C ratio) as the starting plant material. New England Canna website has lots of info on their proprietary BHO/PHO process, which does involve curing their bud. Depending upon strain the extraction will yield HTFSE (high terpene) or HCFSE (high cannabinoid) product. Once you pour any FSE into fractions it is no longer FSE since separation modifies the spectrum. Without lab testing your FSE against your starting material you shouldn’t really proclaim FSE.

True “Live Resin” is B/PHO extraction of fresh, frozen or freeze dried bud. That’s all there is for that terminology. Because most live resin extracts separate they are commonly sold as “sauces” or “sugars” depending on the consistency. If you search Future4200 for OnlyTheStrongSauce you will see “diamond sauce” with the extra effort taken to crystallize the THC-a into larger crystals with pressure gradient separation over time.

Most BHO (including PHO and mixed solvent) processes can be altered to produce either shatter, sugar, or sauce. Currently the consumer market is favoring “Live Resin” extraction, regardless of the product being budder, shatter, sugar or sauce. Highest demand is for diamond sauce ($$$), standard small crystal sauce ($$), and sugar ($-$$).

Hopefully this helps you and your customer come to an agreement on the process, so that expectations are properly set and achieved. Your customer is asking for a FSE with a process (ethanol) not suited to the desired outcome. Even if their strain has elevated levels of CBD you’re probably better off discussing a BHO or mixed gas extraction.


Thank you for the info. There are a lot of shady things happening in the legal industry in Canada, especially given the perception that the black market is “unsafe” and the legal market is “safe”. Having worked for 3 different LPs the stories I could tell, this after spending 20 years in the black market and having like 2 bad experiences that were almost immediately rectified. Who would have thought big business would ruin cannabis…

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most of em no…
I may misinterpreted what I wanted to say…but it was right in my head

Don’t know how its fse when its not dried to represent the exact plant it comes from

In the beginning they was all making their own definitions for it

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