Decimal 20hx Hydrocarbon Extraction System. BZB killer?

MRX was acquired by another company.

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The former sales ninja at precision without the massive coke and hooker habit is their sales VP. Very professional gentleman with tons of experience on the sales end.

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“We are excited to announce that MRX Technologies has been acquired by PPS and has officially been relaunched as Decimal. Our greatest asset has always been our people and with PPS we have made a significant increase in the value of that asset.”

- Jonah Barber, President of Decimal Engineered Systems

Jonah barber is the same president of Mrx that is involved with multiple lawsuits stemming from claiming X and not delivering when it came to MRX equipment.

It’s a simple rebranding because Mrx reputation is terrible and for good reason.


The decimals systems are nice looking

That being said, when I saw it in person at bizcon I did see some major flaws on the system that could have been potential deal breakers

I would still recommend a BZB system over a decimal system all day for a handful of reasons. Versatility, efficiency and customer service. A BZB system you can easily add on and grow into later in the future considering how modular their systems are.


Not to mention there’s bzb systems that have already had successful Installations and results. Not much of a risk


There are also bzb that have had catastrophic failures

Nothing is perfect but tested is preferable over new stuff


Sure, but looking at those failures. How many of them were operator error vs actual equipment failures? How long ago were those failures and have they been fixed since then?
Possibly putting liquid c02 on a column that wasn’t rated for c02. Maybe no PRV valve on the jacket… c02 on a 3mm thick jacket that bzb says isn’t rated for liquid c02.

At this point bzb has systems all over the country actively operating today.

Decimal systems haven’t gone through the field testing in comparison to the decade that bizzy bee systems have been in the field real life production.

Definitely all things to think about when looking at purchasing a system.


Hey Everyone,
Thank you for the interest in the 15.HX Professional Hydrocarbon Extractor, and thank you for alerting us that we had an old link on the website. The new website is under construction at the moment and should be ready soon.

We just launched in Nov at Biz Con, and we appreciate all that stopped by to check out the machine, future clients and competitors alike. Though its a fiercely competitive industry, we do feel a sense of solidarity with all equipment manufacturers in this space that strive to unlock the healing potential of the plant to the benefit of mankind.

Here is the updated product sheet. Thank you for taking a look!

230315_15.HX-Cutsheet.pdf (1.1 MB)


no CRN numbers?

If you need something registered for CRN in Canada, we can get that done. Feel free to dm or send inquiry to

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Lowballing and exaggerating are two sides of the same shit coin. Just tell the customers what to expect based on hours and hours and hours of real-life use in situ. Bonus points for reference customers who use the gear and can verify claims.

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I really thought they would be the final piece in the Agrify swamp monster shit storm. Looks like they dodged that bullet. There is no doubt that the Decimal team has some all-stars on it. I wish them well.