Decarboxylation Reactor for Winterized Oil

Has anybody sourced a good jacketed reactor for the decarboxylation of winterized oil? I found a glass jacketed reactor from High Purity Extractions. Is their equipment high quality? Thanks

I know Across International and Lab Society have put out their reactors recently, but I haven’t had a chance to try any out.

Cool that at least lets me take a look at some options. Thanks

TurSteel has a 10 gallon SS decarb reactor on the market, the DR-10.

Just do it in the roto, savess tons of time removes alot of volitales and you wont have to biy another piece of expensive equipment and have to transfer your oil twice.

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Are you able to completely remove all the EtOH and decarb fully by just using the rotovap? What temp are you taking it to? Do you use a heat transfer liquid instead of just water in the bath?

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Ya i use silicone duratherm for the bath. I take it to 150-155c and its fully decarbed and a huge amount of terps and volitales come out

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try. :grinning:

I couldnt imagine doing it any other way, one thing to keep in mind is all the other things that will come out you dont want going back into your etho. I dont keep any etho above 70c i use it to clean glass make drh ice slurries etc. You dont want to keep compounding your terps in your etho. Plus all the volitales

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What type of roto do you use? also, do you have an open coil in direct contact with the heat transfer fluid?

Ive used Chinese ones and across ones which are also Chinese. The ai ones you have to reprogram them to go hotter and the direct from china ones usually will go that bot already. Yes heating coil in direct contact just like normal, i use duratherm S.


You got decarb setups yet or WUT

Thank man i appreciate it