roto or in mantle who likes which and why

what are The benefits of D carbon in the roto have never tried it usually take up past a 100 Celsius in the mantle but have heard some guys doing it in the roto which is the proper/best way to do it?

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You need thermal fluid to get that hot. Water will just boil off


Decarboxylation can be done in the boiling flask of the SPD or the roto, but this is a very inefficient use of expensive highly specialized equipment.

Why sacrifice solvent recovery or distillate production when crude can be decarbed in a big steel pot on a hot plate for cheap?


We just use a big forced air oven and a bunch of beakers. Can decarb a ton at once and pretty quick

or even in a specially designed reactor, for not a whole lot more…

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We previously decarbed in Spd with little heat under vacuum (around 50c) . However, We have also used a hot water bath using a sous vide heating element at (110c) which seemed to work well, Just remember to leave approx 2/3 space available in beaker for the muffin. I would be interested in seeing a larger scale decarbing option…


what about putting the roto flask in a vac oven at 55c at ? hg

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I just use a magnetic mixer, takes a couple hours at high heat. We generally get full decarb with test results between 80 to 90% THC. I’ve had a couple hit over 90% on my edible/crude oil


8 or 16 cubic ft oven. Can put 30+ 5L beakers and usually put 500g-1000g per beaker plus all the nasty smell goes out the vent on the oven


Cant you decarb the distillate after it comes out of the spd if needed for edibles?

The distillate is already decarbs before spd


ive been trying to tell the coworkers that it decarbs in the frac and they didnt believe me. its annoying not having testing to back up what i try to tell these people.

You should decarb it before running in the spd.


I like ovens for the even distribution of heat.

You want to decarb before SPD to avoid bumping. The carboxyl group leaving as CO2 (g) can cause your crude oil to foam and come out of your flask into your SPD head.

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Ya, it gets decarbed before you start the run. Makes life hell if you don’t


Distillate through SPD should already be decarbed from the process.
Youre introducing heat for a long time to get it to the temperatures in which THC distills.
I have not seen SPD distillate with THCa still in it.

WFE can leave some acidic cannabinoids because the period of time that it is introduced to heat is much shorter, but I have not run non-decarbed material through WFE.


Some wiped films, first pass, you can devol and decarb. I’ve heard of this practice being mentioned a few times.


I do it in rhe roto and strip as many volitales as possible. You do need a thermal fluid, i use duratherm S. For my process it works great, started doing it that way so it could go from roto to wiper. I dont use the wiper much anymore, but i get pretty much mothing coming off in the spd until about 120c since my vac for the spd goes deeeper than the one on my roto. Just my way of doing it you can also add distilled h2o into the roto around 85-90c it will help carry out a lot of garbage.


I’ve heard of filling the roto with avocado oil. Any downside to using that fluid?

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