Decarb for carts?

I’m making distillate carts with disty and terps… I assume my oil is decarbed when distilled due to temps… Should I be decarbing prior for any reason? I’m using a v9 cart

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If your using distillate, then the distillate is already decarbd.

The crude before running in your spd, should be decarbed or you will make a huge ass mess of your not diligent on the vac throttle.

See @Killavolt and @Killa12345 spd threads recentlt


That hoe did blow half up my distillation head. .


@Killa12345 post was a great read… thanks for directing me…


I’m just trying to play my part. This community saved me a good amount of money. While I haven’t really seen the fruits of my labor yet. I suspect this project by the end of 2019 with have saved me enough with head stash to offset the money spend on equipment.

This place is so new and fresh. We see your successes, my success, @Killavolt recent success, @Eastcoaststrange success, and this is just the beginning. We are all gonna get better. There looks to be a whole mess of people where we were a few months ago and ready to run their first distillations in the coming months.

And that is just the distillations learned here. God know how many people were helped with @Otscc diamond thread. I know I was. The number of closed loopers making better medicine.

They will learn from our mistakes. We will learn more from their mistakes and as a community we will all get better and share compassion with others. It’s just so crazy how this all comes full circle. @Killavolt videos helped me. He came here and now he’s gotten help.

I really like how we are all here sharing tips and tricks. Our concentrates can only get so good and if everyone here is doing “best in class” procedures. Well then none of us should have problems in any area of this industry we choose. I can’t tell you how many emails and messages I get weekly and hear of people I consulted with or helped source equipment for and the success they are having in this industry. It raises the hair on my arms when I here people in all these states having success and tell me how I had a part in their success. It’s super rewarding in itself.

I really owe a ton of people here a debt of gradtitude. It’s been one hellva year totally learning a whole different procedure for extraction and purification.