Decarb Bubble Hash

Hey guys,

I’d like to formulate a tincture based on bubble hash.
The question is how to decarb the bubble hash as gentle as possible?
My general approach would be to mix bubble hash with MCT oil and blend it with the CAT homogenizer, followed by decarbing the infused tincture on a magnetic stirrer.

Any ideas or feedback on this?


By no means am I an expert, but high level, wouldn’t you want your decarb to occur before you add the alcohol since it will boil off anyway?

To perform this process you’ll need the Knife Generator. Powdered hash or dry sift may be a better option than bubble hash. I’ve only used kife, powdered hash and dry sift for this application. I would decarb with a hotplate stirrer after the infusion and filtration.
G20 Knife Generator

No alcohol will be involved on this process. The tincture is only based on MCT.

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Thx, that what I was thinking about, I just called it a homogenizer but actually meant your Knife generator
As the bubble hash is freeze dried I think it’s quite comparable to kief.

Ahh gotcha. My experience with tinctures is solely ethanol based.

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If it’s comparable to kief then it will work! It’s important that you get a potency test on the bubble hash so you can formulate the MG/G you desire. Just a heads up, if you don’t decarb then you’ll have a THCA sublingual tincture with all available treps that haven’t volatilized.

The infusion only takes 90 seconds then vacuum filter!

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I have plans for a THCA rich tincture which I will formulate according to your tutorial.
However I also want to offer a decarbed version therefore my question if someone knows a trick how to decarb bubble hash without loosing too much terpene?

Was thinking about decarbing the bubble hash first in a vacuum oven before infusion with MCT oil.

OP is using MCT not alcohol for their tincture base.

Decarb after homogenization has the advantage of a visual indicator that decarb is done


Vacuum will help remove the terps…

You had it right the first time.

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Do you prefer physical homogenization or ultrasonic?

Depends on the goal. If I was aiming at water clear nano-emulsions I’d probably try ultrasonics. I’ve only ever used sonicators for cleaning, or rupturing recombinant e.coli for the protein I asked them to make for me.


Thank you for your reply.
I did some reaerch on the topic and found this

They claim they can do that all in one reaction vessel, the specs include a Nitrogen Purge Port, Tri-Clamp Connections - Sanitary Filter System with Column and Diamond Press Filters - Sanitary Collection Flasks, Hosing, Gaskets Clamps and Air Compressor.


lol “asked them to make for me”

Design DNA, construct DNA, introduce to bacteria.

Bacteria makes protein.

…asked them to make for me.

Then I spun them down and harvested said protein

Favorite ask was TAQ DNA polymerase. “Harvest” = boil and spin. Everything else denatures.

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im a biochemist myself. worked more in protein engineering so far. just got a chuckle out of the “asking” part haha. havent been in industry long and already hate being a lab rat though. the culture in labs sucks and so does the pay compared to the difficulty of obtaining the degree

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interesting point on the TAQ though. seems “simple” in thought doing it that way. wouldnt it be unstable at boiling though? i mean 95C is damn near 100 but still not 100 exactly

Couple of two liter cultures lasted the entire department for three plus years. Yeah, there was a chromatography step after the boil and spin. Nope 100C does not denaturant TAQ pol.

word crazy to know. was working with e.coli and yeast recently before being let go because my boss was giving the worst advice for transformations/bioconversions and i wasnt having it. literally a simple process failed for over 3 months until i decided i wasnt going to keep doing it his failing way. really discouraging me from getting back into the industry and only want to keep working on my cannabis business instead.