dealing with solid non-winterized crude oil

We’ve got pails of very solid non-winterized crude (hemp). Anyone have a trick for moving portions of it into the tank with ethanol for winterization? Its been slow going so far. Was thinking to try a hot knife for cutting foam or maybe that’s too extreme

Get a barrel or tank warmer off amazon or keenovo has nice ones

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Warm the bucket in a water bath
Pour half of the crude into another bucket
Add warm ethanol
Mix carefully
Keep doing this until it’s easy enough to transfer


Would be worth checking the chemical compatibility of the bucket with the ethanol. I know most people are using denatured ethanol these days. Especially because I’ve seen hemp crude in at least 6 different types of containers.

Edit: I say this because one of the buckets had very poor compatibility with heptane. I opted to just get it pretty warm and used a silicone spatula to get 99% of it out, and isopropyl to get the last of it.


That’s is 100% a great step to add to this SOP and clearly comes from a place of experience I cannot believe that I missed that- always check chemical
Compatibility of your solvent with all surfaces that solvent will be touching.


I’m trying a tank warmer now, will add water bath later if it doesn’t liquefy. This crude is really solid and extremely gooey, hard to imagine it liquifying, but lets see. Worst case, I will then pour warm 100% 200-proof ethanol into the pail as well. The buckets are HDPE which appears to be more or less compatible with ethanol.

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Etoh soak it

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Using the bucket warmer overnight worked great to make it less solid. I then just used a rice paddle like this to move the crude out of the bucket. I’ve been using just a 5:1 ethanol: crude ratio for the winterization filtering, it seems to work ok.

Stainless steel buckets with clamp lids! Best purchases I’ve ever made. 304 steel 25$ a 21L bucket


Are they still available? Link?