Data Log forms for accountability and tracking

Evening to all!
I am Requesting all forms of assistance in expanding the professionalism of keeping track and accounting for all types of data logging for hydrocarbon extraction and operation organization & MGMT. I currently have been working on finalizing my own version of data log forms for accountability of production and I wanted to reach out to the community for any and all recommendations and advice as to how I can better the organization and productivity of data logging. I have been working on a variety of different data forms ranging from CRC data logs, solvent usage logs, material logs, active processing logs, finished/ final product logs, preemptive client intake forms and finalized client receipts. I also wanted to request some advice and help on client/customer contract and release of liability waivers for future processing to aid in keeping both parties accountable for all work agreed to and completed in full.

Asking for help to better aid my experience as a contract processor.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Much love and thankyou in advance.


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I have a fuck ton of these types of spreadsheets that I developed and used when working as a chef/restaurant manager- 27 employees and 30k in food every Saturday night meant I needed all the help I could get and spreadsheets became my lifeblood.

I’ll drop em here and add them to the data dump, they do require quite a bit of data entry to get them up and running and having the sheets themselves is just one piece of the system, implementing the systems in your business is a full on training in systems management and workplace culture.

If you’re interested in learning more I’m available for consults


This is an example of an other guide/master inventory/cogs calculator that when programmed and implemented keeps a constant running track of your inventory, alerts when items are needed, calculates your upcoming costs and shows week to week movement in total inventory value- basically a master sheet that incorporates a lot of chest sheets to keep your day as a business manager productive and not slogged down by lack of situational awareness


Here’s an easy and simple product/process costing calculator that allows you to see exactly where you may be able to save money by adjusting values, handy.

And no my grits didn’t have methanol in them

This is a daily par sheet

At the end of the day each employee goes down the list and makes sure that each item has been accounted for, if there is not enough of said item, it is placed on a master list of tasks needed to be done by service time the next day, if there is an overstock it’s easy for me to see and find a way to use it before it becomes waste product

This also allows me to see if my employees are being lazy, I always verify that the data is correct but this makes them more aware so I’m not putting out fires all day, I can find out who shows accountability and who can be considered for management based on how they handle inventory tracking.

People want to care, they just need the right tools to be able to do so, awareness is key- enhance awareness via tools like this sheet

This is a list of every single thing this employee needs to do to do their job correctly, it’s concise but detailed, and human.


Yes. I am. Very interested. Organization and accountability is everything. What is science let alone any reputable work worth without any reputable and organized data to account for? Much needed. Very much needed in my world.

Would love to take this conversation into further detail and how we can correlate for MGMT consultations. Need to get crew and myself into shape with books and proper skills with the correct tools to maintain everything needed to have a smooth sailing, kink free op w/ little hassle in regards to data accounting and tracking. Inventory. Numbers.

…All the tings…

A business Who plans to excel needs satisfactory or exceeding levels of MGMT.
In all areas.

A trade and skill I desire to improve and advance in/with.

I just need help.