Dark oil problem

I’m extracting indoor trim at very cool temp., filtering through Celite 545, but I still manage to pull a dark amber color. I’m not sure if I’m missing a step or if should go straight into color correction. Im thinking of trying some clays next. Can some one point me in the right direction, not looking for spoon fed info. I’m looking to read & learn

Old trim
Machine trim

These are dark extract culprits


Do you think some clays may help my color?


you can get most clays there.
I would recommend using 75g to 100g of clay per lb of biomass being processed. The cheapest and most common are b80, perform6000, and supreme55. All those will give u better color or water clear


You could try freezing your material in a chest freezer or on dry ice in a cooler. Getting your material super cold will help keep from leaching pigments into the extract.

What kind of gas are using to extract? Do you have the ability to get some dry ice and chill your solvent tank down before you inject? That in combination of freezing your material would be a good starting point before investing in more inputs.

@waxplug1 Definitely knows his stuff on the filtration media, definitely worth looking into that if your still unhappy with the result.


He’s using ethanol boys. Clays won’t help. It is most likely your material. @Demontrich makes the best etoh extract I’ve seen on here, he can probably help

Edit: is your ethanol crude dark or your distillate?


How cold is your ethanol? How cold is your weed that you’re extracting? How long are your soaks? How many soaks? I extract with -80C ethanol, in a -80C freezer, weed is also kept in -80C freezer prior to extracting. Usually I do 30 minute soaks if I’m going for distillate. I’ve noticed the first soak tends to be dark gold while in solution, and the second soak tends to be more green. Both are done at same temp for same length of time. I filter over AC and T5 sometimes which helps with the green color. But my EHO is pretty much always dark when jarred up. If you want light colored oil, you need to have a very short residence time (soak time). This picture is the result of a 3 minute soak. Jarred up it still looked dark, but was more of a dark gold.

Also, are you filtering cold? I’ve found that it helps color to remove all the sediment from the solution as cold as possible. Depending on your volume of ethanol, I’ve found 2D filters (buchner funnel style) to be too slow for this. Stainless cartridge or bag style filters allow you to filter everything out much quicker (colder).

People say that rotovaping at lower temp will also help with color. Usually if I’m going for distillate I rotovap at 55C. If I want EHO for shatter or sugar or whatever THCa product I rotovap at 30-35C, but have not done it enough to have noticed much difference.

Heres my liquid gold ethanol wash. Done at cryo (dry ice temps) ethanol as well as biomass.

AC can help with color, a little. If its waxes/lipids, AO 220 grit works.

This is zero filter, only thru a bed of celite 545 to catch any fine plant material. Also, I filter 1-3 days after initial wash is done. Filtering is just ambient room temps. All biomass is spun thru my panda spinner at cryo temps.


How many soaks and for what length of time do you normally do?

Whoops. Forgot to add that. I do a 45 min soak.

Colder temps need a longer soak vs warmer temps to get all the goodies (cannanaboids).


U make some the cleanest disty I’ve ever seen and EHO. And and ur RSO is so strong when eating itll knock u out.

I had to cut the jar down 4x w CBD coconut oil fractions to get it where my pops could even eat it. He loves it now though


Hey, I learned the ways from here. A lot and a lot of searching and reading about this stuff. I was afraid to make my 1st post on here, as I was super green.


This looks well done sir. Props.

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