D9 conversion going purple

Has anyone figured out how to prevent the d9 from going purple using tiba

Is AlCl3 a better conversion that prevents the purple?

Why are you trying to create D9 from hemp? Can’t you extract legal type 1 cannabis from biomass?

Use the magnifying glass at the top of the page for “Conversion pH”.

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in the future… include all the steps and equipment parameters that lead you to said purple distillate.

this will allow someone to gather more info to your question. But also like @AgTonik mentioned there is a slew of threads about your topic.

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The purple comes with tiba the lower the reaction temp the less it is but always there it should not be a problem if you do the right work up after but I’m general it s harder after distillation to make a golden extract than amber
After quenching try a concentrated acid wash like 30% hcl then go back to neutral
Only compare these after distillation
Not after the wash ( there is little difrance visible after the wash)

Your wash with hcl is a rxn so give it time mix for a while

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