D8/9 Netherlands

Hi Guys,

I Am looking for a source who can ship delta8 distilate to the Netherlands.

Feel free to mail me.

Already thnx,
G dame

Everybody can, but not everybody will since both are illegal there and in all of Europe for that matter.



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A dude who vended on DNM shipped D8 to a guy in Sweden

So it is illegal to ship d8 to Netherlands?

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It’s illegal to ship most d8 anywhere boshankers

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Really is that because d8 never has low enough % of d9 or just specific legality reasons per state and country

no, D8 itself is illegal

Both but in Europe’s case it’s a no go.

I hear if you ship white powder as shoe polish it gets thru

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I hear if you label distillate as honey it also makes it through


I hear if you put a nug up your ass by the time u get to Korea it’s worth 100 bucks a g


I know someone that flys international all the time with jars of honey filled with distillate. Straight up


yea it seems to work consistently form what I hear. find a honey that matches the look and feel of your disty

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This guy just carries on the plane like it’s honey. Says his mother loves it and they can’t get it in that particular country.


Fuckimg wild. I mean fuck ot full send it someone was willing to pay hella which im sire they are id fill up a box or two fo honey jars full and take a trip lol