Custom Preroll Tubes

Look here, we can provide you with the packaging you want.;-)


how do I put CBD isolate or distillate in them?


Those are cardboard tubes right?


MOQ, price? Interested!


Tell us about if these are compostable cardboard , recycled plastic or just straight up polystyrene lol


Interested can you post price and information about the materials used

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XD why do I feel like this was something found in the recycle bin.

No logo ready for white label cardboard?

Can you provide me with previous customer examples?

Can you provide us with pricing for your competitors and customers to see?

Can you provide anything more worthwhile? Or do you need brands and have none?

Anything other than cardboard tubes? If this failed maybe you’re better at something else to impress with off the bat.

Why the few yellow tops and more black tops In the example provided? Why no organization.

You ever have a bunch of money in paper and kept it unorganized? That’s disrespectful

I’ve bought cones in these tubes on the rec market in Washington and loved it. Much better for the environment


Why are you so salty over joint packaging tubes


I guess I’m not Salty, but just requesting more than what looks like a kid in LA taking a photo at the local spots constantly dropping inventory.

No branded products concerns white labeling

Sorry, but I’m just trying to ask questions I would anticipate.

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How much are these?
Way better than the plastic tubes and the glass ones too as a matter of fact if you include cost and disposal !

This is for cannabis rolls

yes friend, they are cardboard tube, our other customer very like, so i share it

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Hi, could you pls send me your email? or send me message? our MOQ is 5000pcs

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could you pls tell me your email, or send me message, i will send you price, If you think it’s expensive, you can ignore it, ok?

hi, could you pls tell me your email, or send me message? i will give you price, but If you think it’s expensive, you can ignore it, ok?

Just post price here so we can ignore it, ok


Are these child resistant?

Please take care of me :joy:

Sorry, the lid is without childproof