Custom LED Modules - LM301H EVO - Sub $1/w

Happened across these guys a few days ago and started stacking product in my cart, they ended up doing the above sale and I pulled the trigger. Figured I would share. Currently THE most efficient LED on the market. Lots of great modules to add on etc.

Looking at 700+ ppfd on a well designed 250w fixture

2000+ ppfd on a 1000w fixture (kit x4 ~$800)
(My current 880w fixture barley hit 1800ppfd 2" from canopy.)

Just figured I would share an ultra custom option for anyone who can’t afford to order 10,000 modules for themselves. I will add pictures one my gear lands. If anyone needs help wiring or designing a fixture let me know.


What do you use for framing?

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here’s another strip supplier.

They use the lm301b. Diy is always fun.


I got a bunch of 20-4020 t slot bar

T Slot bar, and some aluminum casing and you can make your fixture look like it’s off the shelf. They make everything for T slot bar, end caps, connectors, conduit, you name it.


I’ve used thermal tape and a full sheet baking pan before lol.

Aluminum slot is def much prettier haha.


There are deffinitly cheaper options, building them into a rack would be the most affordable. I’ma use them in two breeding chambers so I wanted well spaced bars.


Keep us up to date please, it’s always fun to see stuff like this!


Also, fucking wago connectors are the shit for diy. They blew my mind when I first started seeing em lol.


Wago, is the only way to go these days… Or im out​:+1::+1::rofl::rofl::rofl:always willing to lend a hand building aslong as there are enough… Wago connectors​:grin::grin:

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Lol, thanks. Edited.

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I really didn’t mean anything, with bad with that…
I am from the netherlands and make a lot of typo’s myself​:grin::blush:

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No offense taken at all!

And here’s an old fixture I made to be on topic haha.

Used to use bridgelux eb strips.

I did some ghetto ass setups, but grew some pretty good dope with em.


Did you ever measure the ppfd or try to map it?

I’ve built a few custom options for other people with other people’s money, and I’m not trying to spend the same as them. Might have to fuck around and grab me a dollar tree pan.

Unfortunately no, this was when I first started playing with it all.

I did use a lux meter and I tried to get an even 35000 lux reading if I remember. That was equivalent to 900ppfd with the color temp diodes I was using. All from memory so numbers may be off.

Height was about 8-10 inches above the canopy to get that.

Lemme scrounge up some pics to show the results at least

I tried to keep it all at 25w a sq ft, had decent results with cardboard, mylar, pie pans, and led strips haha.


id read that crescience’s page again if i were you because that reads to me like they have just called the board/strips ‘fluxengine evo’ but the diodes are normal lm301h not lm301hevo.

If you look at the parts list they are lm301h EVO coated diodes. I also verified with them. I had some questions about wiring my 660’s… They are only 1500mA so I need another driver if I want to push them hard cause the lm301h evo are way higher rated.

ive had a look i cant see where they claim to be 301h evo, ?.
Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 16-31-03 FLUXengine x4 - 240W Elektronik Bundle Crescience
Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 16-32-10 FLUXengine Evo beschichtet Crescience

how many 660’s are you wanting to power?, how many watts? if i can help i will.

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And then I got these 12 watts at 1500ma.

that reads to me like they talking about the boards not the diodes.