Custom laboratory glassware


I am a laboratory glassware manufacturing factory in China. If you need glassware , please contact me.My email is


@david Do you have pictures of your work and your facility or videos of works in progress?



yes i have videos


How do I upload it? thanks!



i will try thanks!


Also show us pictures of any custom made short path distillation heads, traps etc.


ok let me try , thanks!


Can I upload 1.14gb video files?


i have upload some picture for distillation head nad cold trap and so on . can you see them?




Uploading: 爱剪辑-lab glassware.mp4…


good quality thick boro glass?


@david It doesn’t look like videos can upload. Can you put on YouTube and link them here?


Can we get some up close pictures where are the condenser meets the distillation column inside the vacuum jacket?


I’m in market for a short path head and some more cold traps, pm me


which items do you need?


Welcome @david as we have been talking about your products for 2 months now!

Can’t wait to buy some stuff from you!


YOUTUBE is not available in China.maybe pls give me email , i will sent to videos to u.