Custom hand made dab mats or platters

So today I have the project of making a few custom wood “dab platters”

Each one will have a 10mm & or a 14mm adapter placed into the wood to hold a banger/slurper, multiple spots for marbles and pillars recessed into the wood for easy storage. Can even epoxy the surface and have stickers underneath for a design. These will be left as blank for now. Will be posting photos later tonight of finished platters and with a rig setup on each one. Can add spots for qtip holders and or iso dip cups too.

If you’d like one just holler and we can work something out! :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Well the roughing is done, mock up for 14mm “banger hanger” is in place, 2-3 pillar spots, 1-2 top marble spots, and I decided to go with carving lines for pearls to sit in and easily be grabbed back up to drop in.

If anyone wants a iso/qtip cup added lemme know, I have my eye on a couple glass mushroom style or just rustic/mason jar type ideas.

Gonna start making these more often and out of various material I find as well. I do have a bunch of gems and stones that would make neat back drops so some of these will get intricate.