Current tolling rates?

Hey guys,

What is competitive tolling rates these days? Looking to go from biomass to winterized crude. Have 125k pounds I’d like to run.

Also looking to buy 200-300 kg winterized crude.

Cash in hand for both. I will provide transportation.


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Where are you located?

$25 a pound to disty im in southern Michigan
Edit I thought is was 125 lbs my bad

$350 per liter for Winterized/Decarbed Crude. Product is in Colorado. Call/text me at 727-543-3419.

Is there a minimum?

That price was for the 200+ liters requested. Lesser amounts will be slightly higher but no MOQ’s.

a company is doing 70 them/ 30 to the farmer to isolate and they sell all the isolate and pay the farmer cash. big company…its real…rough deal but they could blast ur hemp in a week or 2

@sweethemp 70/30 split is absurd. Any extractor that thinks this ok needs a real wakeup call. As processors, we need to be working with farmers, not against them. Doing these kinds of splits hurts farmers in so many ways.


Well tough to judge until you know the details. What if the bio is only 2-3%?

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We charge $10 per input pound to distill to winterized /decarbed crude, for amounts over 40,000lbs we can offer substantial discount. Our capacity it’s 1000lbs a day. Located in Oregon

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Colorado near Denver, $6.50/input pound to winterized, filtered and decarbed crude. Can handle between 1000-1300 lbs/day.

I’ve heard as low as 90/10 farmer extractor on cbd before. Really depends on the size of the lab and the quality of product. In the end go whatever makes sense once you do numbers. If you don’t have the numbers don’t do it

I’m considering offering some smaller scale (500lbs a week) hemp toll processing.

I know this is pretty tiny compared to most operations but I figure there’s some smaller hemp farmers out there that only grew a few acres and don’t have enough for most labs to even consider.

Considering how cheap cbd crude/distillate/isolate is now, this is what prices I’m considering that would still be worthwhile.

$3/lb to W&D crude
$4/lb to distillate
$5/lb to isolate

I figure with 10% cbd biomass it would be looking like this cost for the farmer.

30lbs * 3 = $90 to produce kg of W&D crude
50lbs * 4 = $200 to produce kg of distillate
75lbs * 5 = $375 to produce kg of isolate

Minimum percentage for biomass would be 10% cbd and farmer would need to provide coa showing their material tested at that within the last few months.

I may consider split processing for material of at least 10% cbd as well but it would need to be a 50/50 split however.

I’m located in Southern Oregon.


I like your prices. Work backwards from the $800 price per kilo of isolate and make it make sense.

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sorry man. even at .30-.50 cents a point. the farmers are still making more than they were making off corn…did you think that all of the sudden capitalism was gonna go out the window and people were gonna stop taking advantage of people. sorry thats not the case. my friends company is one of the largest and they have no shortage of tolling contracts.

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You are 100% wrong!
Im happy to hear your friends lab has contracts and you are able to understand all the details farmers have contracting with your friends lab, but that is sadly not the case. It takes an average 20 pounds of biomass to make 1 liter of crude. On average farmers are yielding 100 liters of crude per acre. Your 70/30 split would leave the farmer with 30 of those liters. Lets do some math.

30 liters of crude x $300 per liter = $9000

Seed cost per acre: $3000
Nutrient cost per acre: $1000+
IPM per acre: $150
Testing cost: $55 an acre
Harvest cost per acre: $500
Planting cost per acre: $750
Land cost: $100
Storage cost: ???
Equipment cost: ???
Labor cost: ???

Without adding in the cost for storage, equipment and labor cost, we are sitting at +$3445 profit per acre for the farmer that took ALL THE RISK and did ALL THE WORK.

Profit per acre for farmer: $3445
Profit per acre for lab: $21000 - lab expense cost at 0.60 per pound x 2000 pounds = $19,800

So yes farmers do have the ability to make more than they did of other crops like you stated above, however… why does that make it ok to get raped by labs?


The farmers gave the labs the power…


Numbers like this is what makes a 90/10 split to the farmer make sense. Distillate is easy to make if you have the proper throughput.

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I’m not sure where you found the $0.60/pound cost but I don’t know any labs that run with costs that low. With that number you’re saying a 1,000 lbs/day operation only incurs $600 in cost. I’m afraid it’s much more than that for all the labs that I know. If you’re running bucket tek in your garage, yep that might work.

One other point, EVERYONE is taking risk and doing a lot of work that includes both farms and labs. Pitting the two against each other doesn’t not serve the industry well.


still want crude