Current Market and Trends?

Hi everyone!

Hoping someone may be able to shed a little insight into a problem or rather a question I am facing.
Recently my family and I invested in a THC distillate manufacturing facility, the lab was built within the first 3 months using a team that at the time we thought was perfect. Now us not being from or in the cannabis field prior to this lab are obviously a little uneducated when it comes this kind of stuff, we are really just numbers people. Once the lab was up and running the cash flow began to come in a out and we thought all was fine, until we discovered the group we partnered with were operating our licensed facility “traditionally”. Thus we quickly ran across several issue, bad purchases of trim and crude, then a robbery all within the span of a 3 months. We immediately put a stop and decided to pull out of the investment. We are around 6-7 months into this venture and having gained some knowledge we would like to apply that towards a new facility. When we pulled out of the group several people followed as they realized that what they signed up for wasn’t what occurred, now we have acquired a manufacturing license and a distribution and transportation license that we are currently filling to relocate due to conflict of interest and several other reasons.

Anyways, back to my question.

We would like to know where the current market stands with Cat 3 trim L to L / as well as THC Distillate, this includes but not limited to current price, availability, market trends seasonally, and anything that may help us understand things a little more and hopefully determine viability of this business or not.

I’ve done a little bit a research and it seems my results are rather all over the place or inconclusive or pricing / availability. If anyone has any information that may be helpful and you feel like sharing that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Love your net handle, what region are you located in as this is a strong factor in the pricing?

What are California L2L trim (highs and lows), crude, and disty prices as?

Thank you! Located in southern California.

Yes that is my question, just general pricing so we can build a some what reliable proforma to determine if we will continue to pour money into this or cut our losses.

Here’s a range you can go by

between 6000-6500 (cat 3 distillate)

Trim $100-$200lbs

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Thank you! Very much appreciated!