Curious why no one uses a jacketed glass reactor for making solvnetless?

Been racking my brain trying to figure out why people aren’t using jacketed reactors for making water hash? Anyone else have any thoughts on that?


That’d be cool to see in action if the jacket was under vacuum.

Get to watch the trichomes fall down.

Jacketed glass is more expensive than 50 gallon trash bins

In all seriousness I’m walking around work trying to convince people I can make gummies in a reactor. They r definitely a good multitool imo

@SubstituteCreature whatchya thinking?


anyone still washing in a trash bin should be banned from the industry lol.


Having tried to empty a beer keg full of cannabis through the OEM 2” orifice, and spent years emptying out of a 6” or 10” holes, I suspect that you might regret filling a glass reactor with weed.

I could be wrong.

More water will solve it if I’m right…


This is standard practice for pretty much any craft rosin company. They’ll use an osprey here and there or even a bruteless but tons still just use a 45g brute.

@ky_cbd To be absolutely fucking honest I have NO idea. I always insulate my cans I use - as trivial as it might seem. I use the shiny reflective insulation, it’s not insanely useful but I figure with washing in vessels that are contained in rooms that are say sub-40f it’s not really needed and your ice is gonna last forever. I personally go overkill on ice because if you’re using a big enough container it’s not like your trichs will stick to anything. APART FROM THAT THOUGH - if someone does want to go overkill, Pelle Polare makes sort of a beer coozy type thing out of neoprene which seems extremely useful if you’re using a 50g stainless steel vessel which are BADASS - I think about 1k or so from uline. I’ve checked out alibaba as i’ve been known to do to find the same material and it’s hella cheap but hard to find any sort of thick rolls - essentially the same shit as in wetsuits, Neoprene. If you’ve got a heavy duty sewing machine or are willing to do some heavy fucking duty cutting and sewing i’m sure it’d be relatively easy to make a beer-coozy shape

Anything i’ve posted has been made in a modded bubblenow or by hand in a 32/45g brute so take from that what you will. If you need fancy toys to make fire that ain’t skill. I will torch quality left and right with 2nd rate hand me downs all day long, bb


Check Craigslist for wine making equipment. I’ve seen a number of 55 gallon stainless drums for $4-600


Fuck yes thanks for the hot tip, doing that now


Those fuckers were $900 new when I was buying em. 4-6 would be dope


Just keep your eyes open in your area.


Scratch that, found em for 10 bucks :wink:


20 gal stainless steel brewing pot on a lift that drains into trash can. Replaced the thermometer with a stainless steel bolt as to prevent tearing of bag. I do about 2000 grams fresh frozen!


I mean the opening on a glass reactor is muuuuch larger than the opening on a keg. I don’t see there being any issues getting material out personally.

It’s not about having fancy toys to make fire, it’s about having equipment that is clean, doesn’t leach chemicals into your products, and is a repeatable process that makes fire.

The leaders in the rosin industry use it sooooo…

Must be toxic death




Looks like repeatable fire to me.


try it. report back. it does seem like it should work. except maybe for the emptying part…

I’ve found that even with a 10" hole AND a 6" hole, getting wet cannabis out of a keg is a chore. way easier than a 2" hole, but the removable bottom on most reactors is less than 12" and considerably smaller than the diameter of the vessel, and that seems to be the issue with a 10" hole on a 16" diameter keg.

ratio of weed to vessel volume is also lower with water hash than when washing with ethanol, so my data point(s) might be totally irrelevant.

even if I’m right, the simple solution is dilution. more water WILL get the job done.

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2 ton boat hoist and maytag house washer’s, taking it back 12 yrs. They worked great though, wasn’t making rosin but made 10/10 full melt

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maybe one of these is in need to quickly empty the spent plant material. It goes full 270°


Sexy, I like that. I just bought one wish I seen this one.


That’s pretty slick. What’s the ticket?

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