Has any one come up with any genius ways to cure a lot of gas at the same time 100 thousand jars just isn’t viable​:joy::rofl:

Buckets and bins my man, get the ones with a moisture-proof seal. That being said, there’s not a lot of “cure” time in the industry at high levels, if at all. Time is money ya know?


Yeah I guess tried and true remains I thought there might of been a new tech driven way​:joy::rofl:

I’ll got and steal my man’s lock jars and jam if I have to! She makes enough of it

Huge black totes, custom built humidity tents for growing and lots of burping. Think of the tent ol` Jorge Cervantes teaches you to build and that is undoubtedly the most efficient way to cure. The 60% RH 60f settings make it the set it and forget it king. I’ll usually have an exhaust fan set up in the tent (or multiple if it’s a lot, easier to control many small zones vs. one huge one) that’ll kick out the stale air once every other hour for 15 mins - paired with an AC and a humidifier (and dehu if you’re in that part of the country, not so much of a concern for me here) on a sensor based relay AND BABY YOU GOT A STEW GOING. Jar by jar would drive me in-fucking-sane!!


It sucks ass

My friend does it in a turkey bag now

And home depot buckets

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@Coopedup 5 or 7 gallon black buckets and GAMMA lids here’s a Amazon link


My vote is for thick 5 to 10-gallon resealable aluminum mylar bags, adding oxygen absorbers for the bag volume, and limiting head space. They block light and have very low gas (like oxygen) permeability and diffusion. It’s light and oxygen that lead to cannabinoid degradation and terpene volatilization.

Plastic (totes, buckets, etc.) have high gas permeabilty.


I’ve always used mylar w/ Boost/Boveda packs for storage after the 2-4wk cure. Long term it is definitely the best option, might have to try curing in them too…

Anyone ever try Grove bags?

They are over priced.

Like everyone said. Weather tight totes, buy premade ones with handles, or use tape.

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We use large plastic totes from Home Depot. The ones with a seal in the lid. Works like a dream

The very best terps and VSC’s don’t survive. I prefer my bud fresh but dry.

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People think I am weird when I cherish my bag of fresh to death 20% moisture content…it’s a little hard to get started, and obviously isn’t a cured product, but the unique flavors that ALWAYS disappear… :drooling_face:


You legend!!!

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We need to find a way to preserve them bad ass flavours