CUP30 Delta Separation extraction bags

Anyone work with delta separation with their extraction equipment? Having a hard time sourcing the bags for the CUP30 extractor, not sure if anyone was aware of the OEM. I need in the ballpark of 6,000 and delta cannot fulfill an order this large.

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No idea who is making Delta’s bags. I was looking at Great Lake Filters for the ACE, finally got their prototype in today.

Looks perfect.

Except I needed 500 of the things 3 months ago.
They are also not cheap.

I used to get stuff like this from Knight Corp. Maybe try them.

Thanks for the great information. Looking into both of these companies. I will see if they can design a bag that fits the extractor. DS just raised their price on me by 22%. Ridiculous

Next thing you know they will put a microchip in the bag and sensor on the unit so if u try to load with off brand bag it won’t even work. Lol

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ha! Please no. Reminds me of my printer at home.

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Or iPhone chargers

Great, the Keurig of extraction systems… great marketing slogan.

I’m working with a supplier and getting these designed for less. If anyone is interested, DM me and we can talk.

Filter Products manufactures them in the US.
Call Drew at 1-800-726-5515

I was able to get them designed and have them available. Reach out if you are interested.

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Just wanted to update and say that these turned out really well and we have some additional on hand in the states if anyone is interested.


All, I wanted to bump this thread because there’s been additional interest in recent months for filter bags. I hear delta raised their prices to $55 a bag. WOW! Anyone paying that price is leaving a lot of money on the table. Please reach out via messenger if you are interested and I can get you taken care of. We’ve also done custom-designed bags for members here, so feel free to reach out.

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I have used his bags. Very good quality and pleasant to work with.


I concur: the @harryvan bag I talked @MagisterChemist out of was of comparable quality to the made in Portland bags I’ve commissioned in the past.

I will likely be ordering a stack of them.


Would you mind dm-ing me @harryvan contact info? Looks like he hasn’t been on here in a while and Im in dire need of some custom centrifuge bags.

Nevermind! @harryvan is a ninja lurker and quickly responded to the DM I sent him.

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@harryvan hit me up

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Thank you all - yes, I need to be more active here on the forums. My messages are forwarded to my email so those I see regularly.

Hi, I’m a filter sock/ bag supplier, please feel free to contact me, if you interested in them.